A few good reasons to start with country line dance

Days go by and all of a sudden we noticed summer holidays are getting to an end. September’s ‘rentrée’ is closer and we think it’s a good time to propose ourselves some good resolutions, like when we celebrate New Year’s Eve, yeah. The arrival of the next season, autumn, is always a good time when we’re not just retaking our daily routines, but to add new activities and people on it. One of these choices might be to learn country line dancing, why not? During our free time on holidays many of you have had some contact with country music while drinking in a pub or honky tonk or while being in a village festival. Today we’re going to talk about all the benefits we can find joining a line dance group.

country line dance Why choosing line dance?

It’s a fact that country line dance has multiple benefits, both in a physical and mental aspect. In first place, it’s very important to say line dance is a highly modulable physical activity. This means that depending on the choreography played you might be practicing a high impact exercise like playing a tennis or padel match; but you can choose either a slow-pitched choreography, with similar effects like having a walk or practicing some pilates or yoga.

On the other side, as it happens with many other popular dances, line dance has a very positive outcome on your mental health, making constantly work your brain.


Country line dance and your brain

As we already explained in other articles, line dancing is a type of dance where a previously rehearsed choreography is executed and repeated while the song is still playing. There are several different styles in line dancing and each choreography is studied and perfected by the creator in its dance sheets. In a country line dancing dance sheet, you will find the number of steps in each loop, the pace to follow, the song to which this choreography was created and usually, the recommended skill level.

Every time you memorize a choreography like this, you’re making work all mechanisms in your brain that will help you store this useful information, as with every attempt new neuronal connections are being created, something totally needed to help prevent diseases like senile dementia or Alzheimer.

Practicing often country line dance contributes in three different ways to help having good habits with our brain:

  • To begin with, doing some physical exercise will improve a lot our blood supply and the lifespan of our neurones.
  • Music hearing will stimulate the recall of memories and images, enlightening your intellect.
  • At last, but not least, the requirement of memorizing those choreographies will greatly expand your memory and learning capabilities.

In fact, from all acknowledged activities to keep your mind healthy and trained, dancing is one of the best, over doing crosswords or reading, for example.

country line dance

Reduce your stress and improve your sleeping habits

Being mostly a social activity that fosters new friendly relationships with others in a convivial, funny and playful environment, adding in your life some country line dance classes every week is an excellent way to reduce your stress level at a new down low. Even if you, for example, are practicing a few steps alone, this focus will be a great stress relief.

The music and choreography mixes, within an intense physical activity and the required concentration to memorize and execute line dances will also, apart from decrease our daily stress, induce us to a better and healing sleep time.

Improves your self-esteem & self-confidence

The regular practice of country line dance will contribute in an active way to boost our self-esteem and self-confidence. On one side, as we’re developing new skills, this will directly reward our self-esteem. And when after this, we also notice our technical improvements, moving us on the floor with ease, will lead to a higher self-confidence.

Interacting with other fellows & friends that share the same hobby in the same space will also enhance our social behaviour and skills, backfeeding again our self-confidence.

country line dance Keep your shape with country line dance

If after summer you feel you’re out of shape or slightly overweight, line dancing might be an important part to achieve your goals. Depending on the choreography type and the dancing time, country line dance could be a high impact aerobics exercise. Our bodies will begin to get rid of fats after 20 minutes of non-stop training. If a song usually plays around 3 minutes, do your own calculations: after the seventh song you’ll start losing weight, and this time in a warming and happy place.

A better balance and coordination

Country line dance is also an excellent way to keep a good balance and coordination at the best level for a longer time. Whatever our dancing skills are, a continued practice over the years will improve for sure our motor skills and give us so much confidence in each new step we learn.


And not only this! Line dancing will enhance your look, favouring the drain of liquids and toxins from your body, strengthen your musculature and improve your flexibility and resistance, helping you also correcting those bad postures carried out from our daily life and having a more elegant posture.

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