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Do you love cowboy boots but your trousers & jeans don’t have the required shape to wear with boots and you can’t find them anymore? To get started, western boots and denim clothing are ‘partners in crime’, matching very well and creating awesome outfits, but not just for the classic casual and biker looks, also many people is getting more receptive to wear cowboy boots with jeans in a ‘formal’ style.

In the case you’re looking for something a bit more particular, like some jeans that you can wear with western boots & ankle boots without feeling the leg is too narrow and made on purpose for horse riding, country & line dancing or just because you love western fashion, Corbeto’s Boots starts its cowboy style denim jeans collection with a couple models from JL Fox and many more to come.

The main reason that makes these denim trousers a perfect choice for your cowboy boots is their straight fit with a slight bootcut end, along with a non-tight comfort grip, all made to have a cozy, good-looking and originally western cloth, as much as your boots. Right now we’re going to tell you in deep more around the jeans’ design and features.


J. L. Fox: western jeans for distinguished men

This is exactly the brand’s slogan, being a top company specialized in the creation, manufacture and distribution of high quality & innovative western clothing. J.L. Fox Western Wear was founded in Mexico back in 1985, and today is one of the leading companies in its market field by doing a big effort in offering customers the most original designs along with a competitive price and an excellent service.

JL Fox is a modern company that invests and does continuous researches to improve their production processes but being at the same time a socially responsible enterprise, building around a team focused on a permanent progress. As a result of that, all J.L. Fox jeans available at Corbeto’s Boots are international best-seller leading edge cowboy denim.



The brand uses the best Mexican and American cotton fabrics for all their products, being 100% proudly made in Mexico, so every single stitch was especially placed to make one of the most comfortable jeans ever. J.L. Fox is also very aware about the actual environmental crisis, so they’re developing a whole new complete production chain system, which includes cotton washing & stoning.

Aesthetically, J.L. Fox jeans are that we may identify as a genuine denim cowboy style, including some nice vintage look jeans details and many elaborated embroideries shown on both back and frontal pockets. For instance, belt loops are wider compared with European market jeans, being this way able to wear thicker and bigger leather belts that could match your boots as well.

Denim composition is 95% Cotton, 3% Polyester and 2% Elastane made, being those studied proportions the best ones to make some handy cowboy jeans trousers that adjusts really well to your waist and thighs with a flexible fit.



Tips to wear jeans with cowboy boots

A full denim look set, with jeans, western shirt and a denim jacket is always a successful outfit for western boots. But instead of that, you might try as well with a biker or bomber jacket to find some extra inspiration.

Cowboy boots are so adaptable and trendy that would fit with almost any kind of clothing or garment and be the main part of almost every outfit you could imagine. Just make work your mind to wear western boots with all kind of urban looks. 



Nonetheless, if you want to properly dress like a cowboy, you can find the way to wear your western jeans and cowboy boots with some specific cowboy clothes like a buttoned cloth vest, white shirt or cowboy shirt, western bolo tie and a nice leather belt.

Another elegant western style outfit inspiration is having your jeans and pointed cowboy boots with a Mexican style shirt and a bolo tie: find out the complete look at Corbeto’s store.

If you want still to check more western jeans to wear with our boots, at our high street shop in Barcelona’s La Rambla you will find now more models from Lois Jeans and very soon at our online shop. Also be the first to know about all our new products and promos giving us a big thumb up or heart at any of our social networks, especially on Corbeto’s Boots Instagram official profile.


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