History of the denim shirt and denim

The genuine western shirt is a catch-all garment that every wardrobe should have:  it’s versatile, flattering, comfortable, a must during all year… A cowboy shirt is always a good choice to add to your collection, and probably you will miss it if you don’t have it.

From Monday to Sunday, you will have plenty of times to match your western shirt with other clothes. If you especially love cowboy fashion, we’re pretty sure you can make some extra room for more than a single Texan style shirt.

The kind of fabric used in most of western shirts is denim, one of the most known and appreciate by customers & the fashion industry from many time ago, which origins would explain today in Corbeto’s Boots blog, as the history behind every western producto it’s always interesting to tell.



From France to the USA: denim sailing the Atlantic Sea

The creation of denim fabric took place in a French town called Nîmes, being ‘denim’ a phonetic distortion of ‘du Nîmes’ (from Nîmes). In the Middle Age we can find the first sources that confirm how this city located in the south of France produced lots of indigo blue cotton to manufacture working clothes. Those were already durable and resilient garments, so they became very popular between sailors and longshoremen in their daily hard jobs at the most important navy piers in Europe. In fact, usually we called also denim fabric as ‘blue jeans’, another translated French term originally named ‘bleu de Gênes’, which means Genoa blue, as the harbor of this Italian city was one of the most important for centuries.

Moving forward to the middle of XIX century, those denim clothes crossed the Atlantic Ocean within the Genovese sailors and merchants, having a great greeeting in America, especially between miners and gold diggers. A today’s notorious personality that made use of this opportunity was Levi Strauss, using denim for the first time in 1853 to tailor in San Francisco his first 5-pocket trousers.

At first, denim clothes were employed just for working activities, but starting from 1900 it became also a popular type of clothing for leisure time. And later, in the 50’s, it made a powerful comeback to Europe, gaining a lot of popularity as teen idol stars like Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando or James Dean wore them all the time.

Bit by bit, denim clothes became as well a symbol for all sorts of vindicative students all around the world and a ‘standarized’ garment that create a togetherness between social categories. Until now, denim & western clothes kept up with their classic look, but also changing themselves a little bit to be more adaptative with the newest fashion trends, fitting with many styles.


A new whole concept with denim & western shirts

Along with jeans, denim shirts are probably the most popular clothes worldwide. As we told before, we consider western shirts as a very versatile garment that could fit from the purest country looks to another casual outfits.

Regarding on Western style, cowboy shirts usually have two flap pockets and snap buttons, having a soft collar and different stitchings and/or embroideries. In the case of denim shirts, the kind of cotton used is smoother and lighter than in jeans, although the employed procedures to distress, marble and sanding the denim fabric will be the same. All raw cotton fabrics are white at first, but then will be colored with an indigo blue dye to transform the garment into a recognizable denim shirt.

The concept of denim, western & cowboy shirts had evolved at a faster pace in the last years, improving the fabrics and developing some shocking yet classic designs, considering right now that these shirts reached a casual icon status thar friendly compete with white shirts. As we forementioned, a denim shirt may be a daily garment, with ties, bow ties and, of course, with western bolo ties. You can use relaxed fit western shirts for your free time or tailored fit cowboy shirts for those special events that happen only once in a lifetime, and all of them can be found at Corbeto’s. And remember always that quality is over quantity, so once you have a denim western shirt from us, its quality will speak for itself.



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