Red Wing boots: fit vintage and biker style this spring

Spring is here, and if it’s time for you to take a look at your footwear, there are some boots that are simply perfect: Red Wing boots.  Known for their durability and strength, which makes them ideal for heavy-duty work and outdoor activities, Red Wing leather boots are made with high-quality leathers and sturdy construction: if you take care of them, you’ll get years of use out of them.

But in addition to being valued for their legendary toughness, Red Wing boots retain a vintage aesthetic that is highly appreciated by lovers of cafe racer, hipster and rocker styles. Is this your case? If the answer is yes, Red Wing lace-up boots can be a real discovery, even though the brand has been around for over a century and has a well-deserved worldwide reputation.

Today, many owners and collectors of Red Wing boots around the globe form groups on various social media channels and networks. At Corbeto’s Boots we are an official Red Wing Shoes store in Barcelona, so let’s take a brief look at the history of this footwear and its main features.


The history of the Red Wing: from the mines of Minnesota to asphalt

The history of this boot brand dates back to 1905, when Charles Beckman founded the company in Red Wing, Minnesota. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing work boots for miners, lumberjacks and other heavy industry workers: and it succeeded with flying colors, creating footwear that stood out for its strength, durability and comfort. As the years went by, the brand maintained its commitment to craftsmanship and quality, leaving the manufacture of Red Wing boots in the hands of highly skilled craftsmen in the USA.


This made Red Wing become a world-renowned brand, known mainly for the quality and durability of its boots, but also for its design, which made these boots jump to the big screen. In the famous movie “The Wild Ones” starring Marlon Brando in the golden age of the 50s, the legendary actor wore a rocker look with Red Wing “Engineer” boots in black, combined with Rigid pants and a “Perfecto” jacket by Schott. 

For lovers of biker culture and vintage style, this detail stuck in their minds and they were quick to embrace Brando’s style, which still lives on today: in the USA, millions of “bikers” wear their Red Wings. But these lace-up boots go well with any type of pants, whether denim or cotton, so while they’re perfect for motorcycle riding, Red Wings can be worn for anything.


More reasons to appreciate Red Wing Shoes

One of the most important details to note about Red Wing boots is that they are still manufactured by Minnesota craftsmen in the same location for over a century. If you like authenticity with a capital A, these are your boots.

The Red Wing is literally a unique shoe, because the tone of its leather always varies: no two are the same, and over time the color of the leather gains a lot of personality.  Another feature of this great shoe is the comfort it provides from the very first moment, and that does not stop growing as it wears and adapts to the foot. To this we must add its rubber and nitrile sole, non-slip and highly resistant to wear, as well as the GOODYEAR stitched manufacturing system, which ensures comfort and long life.

There are several models of Red Wing laced boots to choose from, within the Classic Moc line, some are mid-calf and others are high calf. They can be made with natural leather, oiled, aged, or in turned or split leather, in different shades of brown, from the lightest to the darkest and also in sand colors.

You will also find some models in black color from the Iron Ranger collection, one of the most requested models of Red Wing, which is also in Corbeto’s. The mythical Iron Ranger model is based on the boots worn by Minnesota miners. All Iron Ranger models have professional Vibram rubber soles, totally non-slip and resistant to high temperatures: perfect boots for motorcycling or for jobs that require proper quality footwear.

Now do you understand why Red Wing boots are another cult shoe you’ll find at Corbeto’s? Now you too can join the passion for this footwear: the Red Wing, more than just boots, a whole culture and hobby.


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Bota trabajo Red Wing marrón oscura con cordones y suela de goma para hombre

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Bota trabajo cuero natural Red Wing con cordones y suela de goma para hombre

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