The new western jackets are here: a must for this fall

Blazer jackets, also known as sportsjackets, are a men’s must have for your wardrobe, being a very versatile garment for all kind of occasions. Many people wear those clothes as an office suit but also at home with the rising of remote work, keeping an elegant and sophisticated look even from home, during an individual or group video call.

If your outfit & style is mainly cowboy or rocker, we have for you the perfect western jackets, giving you a casual yet fancy look, with likely a fresher design than classic blazers. Our clothing brand JL Fox gives you the chance to find the best genuine cowboy blazers at Corbeto’s Boots, where you will give to all your looks a very interesting stylish twist.

All these clothes are comfortable and resistant, providing you to move freely as they don’t feel tight. If you love western culture, it’s the proper jacket to wear at country line dance exhibitions, rockabilly and country shows and cowboy weddings, for example. Anyway the design of all JL Fox’s sport jackets is suitable to be used at professional and working environments, for a night out with friends, as your Sunday best or at social casual events. Let’s go now in detail about these new arriving cowboy blazers made to break fall’s clothing boredom.



Differences between western blazers and classic blazers

We will highlight the most visible changes between our cowboy blazers and a classic suit jacket. For example, western sportsjackets aren’t as tailored as regular blazers, with wider sleeves. A single tail cut will be noticed and some embellishers are included, such as yokes and decorative smiley pockets, just like a western shirt but in a jacket version. You may find even western blazers with embroidered designs over the shoulders and pocket’s flaps, being in this special case an original jacket to enhance your cowboy look.

Regarding western blazers colors’, most of them will be found in black, dark brown and camel brown. They’re all made with lightweight and perspirable fabrics and microfibers, so these can be wore during all year, in winter but also in summer. Some of these cowboy sport jackets available at Corbeto’s have an appealing suede look and touch as well.

JL Fox is considered one of the top notch North American specialized brands related to the production and distribution of innovative western fashion clothes, with a long-running 40 years career. Along with western shirts and bootcut jeans, all JL Fox’s western blazers are inspirational and shocking clothes that can’t barely be found outside the USA and Mexico, with the exception of Corbeto’s Boots, who brings you a special and unusual western cloth to wear during this autumn, or for all seasons.



How to wear your cowboy blazer


We don’t think you’re going to be in trouble to match your blazer with other clothes,as it’s an amazing versatile garment. Cowboy jackets can be easily combined with several outfits, no matter if your style is taking the classic or flamboyant side.

Bootcut denim jeans are always an accurate choice with your western blazer, preferably with dark tone jeans. With casual wearing pants or corduroy trousers your blazer will look awesome, and in this case colors might be lighter. Underneath your cowboy blazer, a classic plain shirt or a western shirt will look great, the last word is always yours, depending on the look you want to show this time.

The way your wear your western blazer will also decide which footwear is the most indicated, anyway we know for sure that ankle boots and cowboy boots are always perfect to your western attire, as a visual confirmation of how you are a genuine cowboy. Other than this, if you need to put the icing on the cake, you just need a nice wool felt cowboy hat and wow, you will look stunning.

Are you ready to enjoy a great western autumn with us? So everything begins adding a cowboy blazer to your clothing, take this in mind.


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Blazer cowboy para hombre color camel tacto piel girada

Corbeto's Boots

Chaqueta negra estilo western con bordado tribal gris

Corbeto's Boots

Tejanos Lois Jeans corte recto para hombre color azul medio

Corbeto's Boots

Sombrero tejano marrón oscuro fieltro duro estilo monta western

Corbeto's Boots

Camisa negra estilo country Ranger's para hombre con bordado marrón flor de lis

Corbeto's Boots

Bota cowboy Sendra unisex piel girada marrón claro

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