How are the Blundstone brand boots

Blundstone is an Australian boot brand not only famous for their superb quality and long-lasting, but for being an all-around casual footwear, made to work, walk around, play, explore and everything you could imagine, in a wild environment but also in the city.

Choosing Blundstone as your regular boots is to pick your best friend for a mountain walk and then go back to the office, travelling with them to the Sahara desert or maybe looking around the MoMA in New York; anyway you don’t need to fly so far to get them: only at Corbeto’s Boots you can buy your Blundstone boots in Barcelona for men and women, at our La Rambla street store.

Usually Blundstone boots are leather-made and water resistant, being so light and comfortable since the first try and mainly featuring a non-slippery rubber sole. Some models include also a special cushioned insole and all of them are built to resist a heavy use in all kind of weather conditions.

About design, Blundstone offers a huge variety of models focused in so many preferences and needs : that’s why Corbeto’s Boots became a Blundstone Boots international authorized official store, so all Blundstone Classic and Original best-sellers are always available at our online store. So in today’s article we will going to pick out some facts about Blundstone Boots and their atemporal work and urban footwear with the highest standards in comfort, fashion and safety.

A few quick facts about Blundstone

Blundstone originally was founded back in 1870 by James Blundstone in Tasmania, Australia, as an Australian work boots brand, producing during decades most of the required professional footwear for miners and construction workers and soon became one of Australia’s flagship brands. As far as the company’s growth reached all the Commonwealth and other countries, they extended their catalogue to accommodate also safety boots and casual ankle boots.

Starting from 1990’s, the brand officially started to allocate their products outside Australia, being this the main reason who made Blundstone so popular in Italy, Canada, Israel or New Zealand, for example, with a worldwide impact. At the present time, many Blundstone adults and kids, enthusiasts from all continents and ages, are discovering, experiencing and repeating the wonderful feeling of wearing a pair of Blundstone’s. The Blundstone family is still owning the business, with a full compromise producing working boots as durable and quality-made as in their beginnings.

From a visual perspective, the brand can be tagged into the Chelsea boot style, upgrading for itself this boots’ category into something much more fashionable. In case you don’t know anything about that, at Corbeto’s you can find out the best traditional and modern Chelsea style ankle boots that bikers and urban fashionists will equally love.

Going back to the forementioned enterprise commitment, Blundstone has also take action inside different social concernings, something traduced for example in the arrival of vegan ankle boots in their catalogue, with a bioethical independent certificate that assures all materials employed don’t have an animal origin. In the same way, Blundstone’s R+D departament created a leather look-a-like that has the same perspiration, touch and comfort than a genuine cowhide boot.

How to wear your Blundstone boots

Matching your Blundstone boots with your clothes is smooth sailing, as they can easily adapt to all kind of outfits. Its classic design can be combined with working clothes, jeans, chino or corduroy trousers, canvas, denim or leather jackets, jerseys, shirts or t-shirts. If your choice is more casual, also all Blundstone’s look good with track pants and sweaters, or with winter clothes such as wool coats or aviator jackets.

In these last years, Blundstone’s models with colorful elastic sides became so popular that many people started wearing them with fancier and trendy outfits, as with slim jeans or leggins, skirts or dresses. Summarizing, all Blundstone boots are an excellent choice for each time and season, whether if you’re looking for a working boot, a casual trekking boot or a stylish Chelsea boot to go partying.

So, if you want at home a pair of ankle boots with the perfect balance of comfort, sturdiness and a timeless casual look, ready to be used in al lof your adventures, any choice from Blundstone Boots will be the best one. And as far as Corbeto’s Boots only sells boots with an own personality and the best quality, we can also certificate Blundstone Boots can belong to our selected team.



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