How to wear cowboy boots in summer: unbeatable all year round!

Shut down all your closed toed footwear and keep away in the closet once summertime starts is no longer cool. Especially if we talk about cowboy boots and western ankle boots, that are keeping in the last years as one of the top long-runner trends, first on influencers and then when arrived to street style. From now on, cowboy boots are contending with sandals and espadrilles in the hottest days of the year and they give you a shocking & original look, being so versatile and comfortable that you don’t regard about weather or heat anymore, you just want to show them to anyone.

However, to get the most diverse outfits we must first master how to match them, and at Corbeto’s we did so for almost 75 years, so today we will let you know about women most creative outfits with cowboy boots in summer. Are you ready to be the eye-catching one on the streets?


Western boots and dress outfits

If you do this all the time in winter, why don’t keep it up in summer? We know this combination looks impressive at every time of the year. With urban fashion dresses, western ankle boots will be a good match.

At Corbeto’s online shop you will find several leather ankle boots so comfortable and beautiful your will wear them on a daily basis, always from European and American top brands like Sendra Boots, Stars & Stripes, Corral Boots or Mayura Boots. Instead of those summer casual dresses, try wearing skirts, shirt-inspired dresses, shorts or slim jeans.

If you prefer midcalf cowboy boots or short booties, match it up with floral or flounced dresses, no matter if they’re short or long. You will look astonishing! Just put the icing on the cake with a nice small crossed bag and some discreet accessories to balance the outfit. You don’t need anything to be the shiniest star!



Wearing cowboy boots with skirts

Creating an awesome style while being a little sassy in a perfect balance can be achieved with a short skirt and a pair of cowboy boots. If you want also to show your freshly natural tanning and love boho style, get your cowgirl boots with a printed flounced miniskirt, white blouse and a fashionable accessory to be the top over the tops!


Cowgirl boots with shorts

Shorts and summer are always a part of the same sentence each year, as familiar as cowboy boots are during all seasons. The next outfit is by far the wildest, but if you feel you’re looking good, go for it! It’s enough with paying attention to some details to make the most of your outfit, wearing basic and plain clothing in black & white. Of course, western boots and ankle boots will enhance this cheeky look, for example give it a try with denim shorts and a summer white blouse.



And for the least shy ladies out there, bring your outfit to the next level wearing these high heeled black cowboy boots with shorts, a long relaxed fit shirt and transparent pantyhoses.

Western booties with jeans & leggings

Everyone at home has for sure skinny jeans, and we’re quite sure you wear these during all year, being also a wardrobe basic. In summer white slim jeans are a must, and you’ll look gorgeous with some red leather cowboy style ankle boots, for example, or with a pair of brown short boots with turquoise blue details. If leggings are your thing, put them on with a cozy oversized blouse and your cowgirl ankle boots to create your very own summer outfit.



Camperos boots: unexpected yet awesome combination

The Spanish classic cowboy boot, also called campero, deserved to be here, as its unique look is also having a lot of demand between many influencers on social media, and may be considered the first cowboy boots ever. Traditionally camperos boots have been worn in winter and summer, so why disregard our inheritance and popular wisdom?

When we speak about genuine camperos boots, we can only point to Valverde del Camino, an Andalousian town that created and still produce this iconic horse riding boot, nowadays also in an actual and fashionable way by brands like El Estribo, sold to many customers worldwide for more than four decades already at Corbeto’s, being these boots the best example of quality, design, comfort and long-lasting.

With a heel not so high, leather outsole and Goodyear welted, all camperos boots available at Corbeto’s Boots will provide you a comfy feeling since first step, being in these warm and sunny days one of the best outfit ideas, while wearing a shirt-inspired dress, a cool shirt with shorts or a nice blouse and a skirt. All these casual and fancy looks are good-looking for a night out and also at a countryside trip.

The most original designs, made with the best leathers and the broadest cowboy boots catalog for women, no matter your style, can be find out at Corbeto’s, so you will find enjoyable to wear western boots also in summer!


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