The importance of boot accessories

Do you love so much your cowboy or camperos boots that you want to get the most of them for the longest possible time? There’s a simple yet effective way to do so: using one of our various boot accessories available at Corbeto’s: from decorative leather straps, metal caps and heel guards to western boots carry bags, bootjacks, boot hooks or special socks for boots

The perfect accessory to give your cowboy boots a new refreshing look, to help you carrying them everywhere or to improve its fitting is waiting for you at our online store and also at our street store in Barcelona.

Now let’s start meeting one by one all these forementioned accessories and what can they do for your boots and for yourself.


Leather boot straps

The decorative leather straps for western boots are a very used classic accessory and rooted in the USA’s cowboy culture. As the name says, its main feature is to embellish the boots by adding a stylish design element very similar to a belt: if you bought long time ago a pair of cowboy boots and you want to make them look like another different pair, these western straps are great and really easy to attach.

There’s so many different western boot straps styles, and they may include some distinctive element such as inlays, shiny studs, conchos, silver or golden appliques, arrows… This accessory fits in all sizes and isn’t only focused on the country aesthetic, but rockers or metal headbangers also love to wear these cowboy boot straps as well.

The origin of decorative boot straps goes back to the first ever cowboys who looked to customize their boots to show their status and wealth. Over the time, leather straps become a well-known symbol inside the western culture, and today they evolve into a basic accessory that can be founded and integrated into the occidental fashion that is being used for all kind of boots to make them more eye-catching.

Cowboy boot metal tips & heel guards

The metal caps for western boots are a common item mainly used to protect the boot’s tips and enhance its look. It’s believed that cowboy blacksmiths created this accessory after seeing how in after a hard day of work at the farm, rodeo or in the countryside, boots were easily ruined and worn out because of this additional erosion.

Besides from its protective use, also these are being used as a fashionable accessory to create a whole new look just by attaching a little metallic piece: we can find many boot caps made in various shapes, colours and materials for men and women.

In case you don’t know, metallic boot caps can’t be adapted on all tips, so we strongly suggest to make sure they’re going to fit in your Mexican, snip or round toe boots. Luckily for you, at Corbeto’s we have the best and broadest selection of silver, golden and distressed special metal tips for western boots, and also handmade German silver tips with embedded natural stones; being the most of these metal made boot caps able to fit on almost all cowboy boots from Sendra Boots, Mayura Boots, Corral Boots or Circle G and the rest of our western boot catalog, although it’s possible that any of our metal tips can also fit in your American or Mexican cowboy boots from other brands.


To know how to check if the boot caps you bought fits well in your boots’ tip, take a look at the sides and check if the small flaps with a punched little hole are laying flat on the outsole’s welt, noticing also that there’s not a big space between the tip and the metal’s cap higher part. This last advice is very important, as it’s not only unsightly but dangerous sometimes if you collide or trip yourself on the steps, possibly damaging your boots or even getting hurt.

After you checked this and see everything looks as it should be, your local shoemaker or yourself, if you think are a handyman, will have to pin a nail on each side to remain fixed. We don’t suggest to glue them instead of nailing, as it’ll jump out at the first knocking or hitting, especially when practicing your country line dance steps. However, if you have any inquiry about which kind of metal tips will suit better on your cowboy boots, feel free to ask us for a special assessment.

In the case of metal heel guards for western boots, their use and purpose are identical to boot caps, but placed in the boot’s back part. Inside our online catalog you will find also many different heel guards that will provide you an incredible style, being able to match them in some cases with the same boot tip set.

Boot bags, bootjacks and boot hooks

Yeah, we know you love wear your cowboy boots all the time, but sometimes we haven’t other choice than carry them with ourselves in a separated place, for example in a long car journey or if you just use them at the honky tonk. For these special times, having a boot bag could be the best solution for you: the ones available at Corbeto’s Boots are made with nylon and were designed to transport your boots in an easy way and proteced from the outside one to each other.

And as all good things come in threes, inside your boot bag you can slide a bootjack, probably the best accessory ever made for all western boots fans, as it will help you in a considerable way to take out your boots with a mínimum effort.

This simple tool is ‘just’ a wooden wedge with two folding holders, but when you stick your heel and pull out the leg, you’ll see how everyone, no matter how hard it is for you to get ride of your cowboy boots, even if you have a limited mobility, can use this awesome item. These wood bootjacks from Sendra and Mayura Boots are very resistant & can be stored almost everywhere, being available at our online shop at the best price, considering this is an accessory that you must have if you wear western, Engineer or classic riding boots.

Another very useful accessory if you need to pull in your boots in an easier way are these metallic hooks to attach to the pull tabs, available in two measurements for high leg boots and ankle boots. By pulling gently from the wooden handle you’ll be able to fit all kind of boots without applying such force and also without leaning that much, something very helpful when you feel some pain in the back.

Cowboy boots’ socks

Most people don’t realize that wearing a proper sock in order to fit your western or work boots is as much important as the boots for itself, so much so that it has a big influence even when choosing the right size and later on, giving you the best transpiration and grip for your feet. That’s the reason you should try on our special cotton socks, which will hold your foot comfortably from the instep to the heel, without tighten your leg, offering you an extra footbed and being reinforced in the tip to avoid those annoying holes in the sock after a few uses. Corbeto’s Boots has a big variety of crew and super crew socks for boots and ankle boots in small and big sizes.

As you can see, it’s inescapable that a so special footwear as cowboy boots are have some exclusive accessories just for them. And it’s also necessary for you & us to show everyone how enjoyable are these products.



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