History of biker and engineer boots. Motorcycles and rebellion.

For some people, motorcycling isn’t just about moving from A to B, watch professional competitions or a simple weekend hobby: it’s the way you express yourself, while riding your motorbike or at any other time, a mix of freedom, adrenaline and a bit of risk that gives wings to the fieriest tempers.

That explains how the biker apparel, besides of its utility, has a distinctive style. However, every male or female rider has one of its own, that is an extension of the motorbike s/he has.

Beyond clothing, there is a necessary equipment that plays a major part if further a specific aesthetic, you’re looking for safety. And whether there is something that perfectly provide this double function, both biker and Engineer boots not only have a design in purpose to help you and protect your feet while driving your motorbike, but they are closely related to our vision of how dress a biker.

Of course, at Corbeto’s we hold a special place for many biker boots for men and women: you will find high leg and ankle square toe cow leather boots with decorative straps and rounded toe Engineer boots with steel cap, side buckles and professional rubber soles, which you can wear in a work environment, when riding your motorbike or in a casual way. But today we are going to talk about the creation and history of biker and Engineer boots, with a longer existence than many of you think.


Biker boots: from horses to horsepower


The U.S. Cavalry, back in 1820, were the first to include in their uniform what we can consider “the first biker boots ever”. You read that right, yes, but first things first.

A biker boot is, in fact, nothing less than an evolved horse-riding boot, when the American cavalry had the needing of a simple and durable footwear without unnecessary stitches or laces. The first model ever provided to them included straps, this is why today we can still see horse riders that prefer a pair of biker boots 

Already in 1930, biker boots were very popular among the steam locomotive workers, even creating special models for them. But the arrival of the Second World War led a turnaround, when military boots were the most demanded product, and thereby caused a trend reversal in the production and sell of biker boots.

Nonetheless, the post-war years shocked vets in many ways and a new kind of biker, more rebel and against the law, began to take shape. At the same time, the machinery innovations during the war on combat planes were also adapted into motorbikes, modifying their style into a sharper and more imposing design, and the prevailing trend was the same: the faster, the better.

At this stage, both biker and Engineer boots recovered their main importance, and a second golden age was about to come, this time on two burning wheels.


Action! Biker and Engineer boots in Hollywood

Cinema also reflected these changes on the American and European society, whereupon influenced in the youth, emulating roles seen in movies like ‘The Wild One’, with Marlon Brando performing as a charismatic biker club leader, or ‘Rebel without cause’, making James Dean first an idol of masses, and after his tragic death, a myth.

Continuing with this revival, we want to remember the iconic opening scene at ‘Terminator 2: The Judgement Day’, where Arnold Schwarzenegger, with a great taste, does his particular ‘shopping night’ at a biker roadhouse. In one of those sequences, you will see a close-up of a pair of Carolina black Engineer boots. This kind of emulation favored the arrival into the mainstream of biker and Engineer boots, at that some time, we can say that almost everyone had at least a pair at home.

One can’t forget either another essential garment along with this boots: the jackets and vests made with leather or denim fabric were soon part of the biker style, consolidating also a way to show out some kind of maverick attitude.

Nowadays both Engineer and biker boots are still representing the unruliest spirits, apart from offer a versatile style, as the current trends are; all kind of urban adventures are accepted with them on.

As we said, there is a broad and interesting selection of biker and Engineer boots for men and women well worth exploring. After reading this, just with a click, you will find them all at Corbeto’s online shop: feel free to do so.



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