Recreation of Denix weapons: the most prized by collectors

Not so long ago we wrote about the ‘Made in Spain’ seal of quality and mentioned some frontrunner companies in our country. Today we’re going to focus in one of these Spanish brands: Denix, worldwide benchmark in the production of historical weapon reproductions.

Most of Denix’s weapons can be seen in many of the greatest western movies and in other genres such as Pirates of the Caribbean complete saga. This company located in Ciutadella de Menorca (Balearic Islands) and founded in 1967 by José Carretero Febrer and Sebastián Llull Salom has a catalog with more than 300 handmade products, distributed in bladed weapons and firearms from the Middle Age to the present day.

If you like letting run your imagination and relive an important occurred event disguised as your favourite historical character or create your own stories, you will make it easier with a replica handgun from Denix. Feel yourself handling the pull power of a 1873 45. Colt Peacemaker, the weapon that conquered the American Western, or a Python Colt like the one shot by The Walking Dead’s sheriff Rick Grimmes while he keeps zombies away.

Did we catch your attention and you still need to know more about Denix’s replica weapons? Just keep scrolling down!


Coveted by collectors, demanded by professionals

All weapon and handgun collectors love Denix products, and you will do so when you find them and have one in your hands. Corbeto’s Boots is an official Denix store in Barcelona, so their replicas are in the right place, a cowboy shop passionate about western culture. After this, let us make you an approach to this Menorcan brand present in some of the main film stages and series all over the world.

As we said, it’s so easy to evoke John Wayne in Rio Bravo or Clint Eastwood in his cult western movies with the help of one of these great masterworks made by Denix. The replicas of this Menorcan brand are so real they are considered by handgun collectors as one of the best brands nowadays, apart from being used in movies, series, theatre plays and historical recreations. You will see Denix’s creations in the whole Pirates of the Caribbean saga, the modern adaptations of The Three Musketeers or the Spanish renowned serie ‘Águila Roja’.

Jaime Llull, Denix’s sales director and part of the second family generation, declared: ‘Our replicas are convenient for the shooting of movies and series, as these are safe and harmless. It’s fairly enough with the appearance to film great scenes, as later the VFX and SFX specialists will add the proper effects to make them look real’.

In Denix’s catalog you will find all kind of weapons’ reproductions: daggers, swords, sabres, axes, blunderbusses, percussion guns, rifles, carbines, muskets, revolvers and six-shooters, automatic pistols, machine guns, assault rifles or even hand grenades. Also Denix is specialized in other accessories such as key rings, empty bullets, sheriff and Marshal badges and gun holsters, which are available at Corbeto’s Boots.

In the words of Jaime Llull, Denix’s World War II replicas are the most demanded, but this trend may change depending on the country, as in the USA, where the quality replica firearms such as rifles or revolvers have a big market, and the same with the rising western culture collectible niche in Europe and Asia.



Why Denix is an international benchmark company?

Although Denix’s weapons high grade of resemblance is a key point, not least, this won’t work at all without other basic premises that are essential to make the best replica guns:

  • Superior quality. Denix’s recreated weapons are blatantly better made than Asian ones, with a lower skilled manufacture and finishing. Regardless this, the cost of a Denix product is not exorbitant, if we consider the craftmanship involved.
  • Safety. Unlike disabled or blank guns, Denix’s reproductions are completely safe, as they can’t be modified or rebuild for real shootings. It’s not dangerous to handle and you can carry them easier. All Denix’s production is made with zamak, a                                                            nonferrous zinc alloy that can be casted at 400ºC
  • From local to the whole globe. Denix exports to more than 40 countries, and at the same time has a close business relationship with all local resellers like Corbeto’s, having the chance to design their offer to different customer segments.
  • Continuous innovation and development. Every year Denix shows a new catalog adding new products or modifying some of their models.

Denix sells around 98% of their products mainly to European countries such as France, Germany or the United Kingdom, but also to the United States, Japan, Australia or Russia. What began as a small family business has become into a recognized powerhouse that is still into handmade production.

The employed materials by Denix are basically wood and metal pieces, being worked by specialized carpenters and smithies, and you will notice that one grabbing a sword or draw a revolver, how they feel like genuine weapons. Do you want to experience it by yourself? Be welcome in that case to come into Corbeto’s Boots shop, located in Barcelona’s La Rambla, in the beautiful old town. And you took the decision of getting one of these little master works, buy them now through our online store.

Corbeto's Boots

Réplica revólver Colt Peacemaker calibre 45 cañón negro

Corbeto's Boots

Réplica revólver Colt con estrella en empuñadura

Corbeto's Boots

Estrella Grand County Sheriff dorada

Corbeto's Boots

Funda para Colt 45 cuero negro

Corbeto's Boots

Cartuchera calibre 45 con canana cuero color coñac

Corbeto's Boots

Sombrero tejano marrón oscuro fieltro duro estilo monta western

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