The 50th Tamworth Country Music Festival takes place

This 2022 will start in Australia with a big country event: from January 14th to 23th the 50th Tamworth Country Music Festival edition will take place, being one of the ten best music fests worldwide.

More than 700 artists and 2.800 shows in 120 different venues will make this huge country party. This broad range of music and entertainment will be sustained by more than 300.000 visitors during these 10 days.

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is free entrance and open to everyone; you will need to buy a ticket just for a few special events and gigs. But every night you will find dozens of opendoor shows and street artists and musics seeking for a big crowd, food trucks, merch stalls, activities for kids and other great family-friendly experiencies.

In a few days you will have several plans to choose, with all pubs, clubs and hotels in their most bustling days during this incredible and unique fest. If you have to enjoy some unforgettable days in Australia with your beloved ones or alone, at Tamworth’s Country Music Festival official website everything you will need to plan the best holidays ever is available for all future visitors.




All about The Toyota Golden Guitars awards

One of the main events inside Tamworth’s Couyntry Music Festival is The Toyota Golden Guitars – Country Music Awards of Australia, the oldest music awards in the country, where the best Aussie country singers and bands will be gathered to remark their newest hits and albums.

Those ‘golden guitars’ will play their latest songs released last year, being an epic night packed with lots of special and heart-warming moments that you can only witness in an event like this.

Let’s check also which other attractions have this great fest, 10 days of outstanding live performances and a whole town transformed into the best possible scenario for all attendees.


Happiness and joy for all family members

Tamworth’s Country Music Festival organization wants everyone to enjoy this unique experience, from the newborn child to all adults. This is why in the Bicentennial Park or the Toyota Country Music Fanzone stage located on Fitzroy Street you will find all kind of activities and shows for all ages. The icing on the cake is the so-called Family Zone, a fair open from 10 AM to 10 PM where to ride on a Ferris Wheel or in a bumper car, jump in a trampoline or throw some water balloons, just to mention a few of their funfair attractions.

After this, all your family can also assist to the galleries and museums, children’s playgrounds, shopping malls and streets, monuments, flea markets, sightseeing tours and many more!



Non-stop ten days of country party

Remember that it’s summertime in Australia, so expect you’re going to enjoy a bunch of splendid sunny days with the best company, the most flavorful dishes and refreshing drinks, while listening and moving your body in the best honky tonks and clubs. You will walk side by side with some of the most renowned names in the whole Australia country music industry and into the running veins of all these Tamworth’s streets with thousands of attendees all over the world.

More than 120 pubs will be temporary reconverted into meeting points, being the best place in which have some drinks with your mates or with other friendly people. These will be days to find and listen maybe to the next country superstar while dancing around or laying in the Bicentennial Park grass, under a sea of stars.

Our recommended pubs would be: The Court House Hotel, Family Hotel, Post Office Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Joe Maguires Pub, Locomotive Hotel, Longyard Hotel, Oasis Hotel, Southgate Inn, Tamworth Hotel, The Albert Hotel and The Pub. 

Gigs, talent shows, street artists & performances, market places, country workshops, meetings with your preferred singers and bands and many other activities… It’s always something to do at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, a 10-day event in which all the region is involved offering also accommodation in other surroundings towns. To make things easier, there is a regular shuttle bus service available during all the festival.



Ace! But where is your hat?

If you’re packing everything in your luggage being Australia your destination and enjoying this country music fest is one of your plans, you should wear a good cowboy hat: because of its latitude and their severe weather in summertime, Aussies are used to wear outback and western hats all day and night long, and not only to protect from the sunbeams, but because it’s still deeply rooted as part of their heritage.

And when we talk about hats, we can replace this with belts, cowboy boots, western shirts, bandannas or some of the most genuine country and line dance products you will find at Corbeto’s

And if you’re reading this regretting you missed a great Tamworth’s Country Music Festival edition, don’t feel discouraged and think positive: you will have plenty of time getting ready the next January, as many more editions will take place as one of the best country music hot spots during ten intense days and lots of unforgettable experiencies.



*Source images: Tamworth Country Music Festival



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