Buckles for cowboy belts: power at the waist

Cowboy belt’s buckles have a powerful design that distinguishes them from the rest: big, showy and durable, they are ideal both for their practical and aesthetic value. In functional terms, the buckle is what holds the belt in place around the wearer’s waist, and most cowboy buckles are perfect for keeping the pants in place whatever you do: country line dance, horseback riding… or whatever you want.

Powerful, rich in detail and often decorated with intricate designs, such as rodeo figures, animals, flags, mosaics inspired by Native American art, playing cards, or even acoustic guitars, cowboy belt buckles are a form of expression for those who wear them.


In Corbeto’s catalog the western, biker and rockabilly buckles have a special space. This is because we are the largest specialized store in Barcelona where you can buy genuine American and Mexican buckles, with more than 150 different designs. All our denim buckles can be easily attached to our leather belts with snap closure: this will allow you to achieve a different style with the same leather belt but changing the buckle model.

But let’s see more details about how cowboy buckles are and the role they occupy in the western accessories industry.


The cowboy buckle: a key element of Western fashion and culture

Belt buckles are a fundamental part of the western fashion accessories industry and are used in the cowboy attire, which includes cowboy boots, hats and clothing such as western shirts and jeans. These western buckles have become an iconic element of Western fashion and are recognized throughout the world as a symbol of cowboy culture.

They can be found in different designs, shapes and sizes, with metal details and with different finishes. One of the most popular are the inlays rhinestones, glazed in bright colors, Native American mosaics or semiprecious stones such as turquoise, coral or onyx. There are authentic  cowboy jewelry pieces, such as the wide selection of silver and bronze plated buckles from Crumrine Silversmiths or Montana Silversmiths that we offer at Corbeto ‘s. As well as buckles made in a totally handmade way such as those created by the master buckle makers of Augus Silversmiths that can be considered true works of art.


In the western accessories industry, high quality belt buckles are produced to meet the demand of consumers looking for an authentic and durable style. In addition, these belt buckles are also used for country line dancing and during rodeo events or horse-riding competitions, where participants are rewarded precisely with trophy buckles as a symbol of their achievement.

But beyond the purely cowboy style, western buckles are also worn with rocker, heavy, gothic looks and prêt-à-porter fashion or haute couture, providing a western touch that marries phenomenal in many outfits.

Belt buckles related to French deck playing cards, dices, clovers, 50’s American cars and other elements related to casinos, are very popular among rockabilly, psychobilly, teddys, mods and rocker looks. Nor can we forget the official Elvis Presley buckles, in bright colors and in really groundbreaking formats and sizes, or the Route 66 and Café Racer buckles, with the Maltese cross or skulls, all distinctive icons of the biker world.

And yes, you guessed it: all this universe of fascinating buckles you will find it at Corbeto’s.


Things to keep in mind when choosing your buckle for your cowboy belt

  • Size: cowboy belts buckles are usually larger than those of other belts, so you should make sure that the buckle you choose is proportional to the size of your waist and your body.
  • Material: They are available in a wide variety of materials, from precious metals such as gold or silver, to metal alloys such as brass and copper. Consider the style you are looking for and your budget.
  • Design: Choose a buckle that fits your personal style and complements your outfit. Cowboy belt’s buckles can have a wide variety of designs, from classic western to the most modern and avant-garde.
  • Quality: Make sure that the buckle is well made and durable, like those you will find at Corbeto’s, which despite its high quality and being from prominent brands such as Sendra Boots, Nocona Buckles, Montana Silvermsiths, Crumrine or Augus Silversmiths, they all have a really good price.
  • Compatibility: the standard width of a belt as well as the pitch of the buckles is usually 4 cm. and although it is not the most common, there are different widths so it is important that the buckle is compatible with the width of the belt you plan to use with it, since some buckles may require a specific belt to fit correctly.

To fully succeed with your choice, at Corbeto’s we make it very easy, because in addition to a wide selection of buckle models, you will also find leather belts with snap closure in which to attach them to the perfection. You can now discover thepower at the waist” that this iconic accessory gives you: the belt with cowboy buckle.


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