Get ready for a country-inspired fall

Fall is about to arrive, and it doesn’t come alone, but with an exciting opportunity to revamp your closet and embrace a style that never goes out of style: country.

Country fashion is known for its warmth, comfort and timeless style, and this fall is the perfect time to incorporate rustic and authentic elements into your everyday look. From clothing to footwear and accessories, Corbeto ‘s is here to show you how to get ready for a country-inspired fall.

Country fashion in clothing: warm colors and rich textures

Autumn is characterized by warm, earthy colors, as well as various shades of dark red and the omnipresent black. Country fashion embraces these shades with enthusiasm: opt for western shirts in the aforementioned shades, with their embroidery and other contrasting details, as they are one of the star garments of the autumn season.

Western blazers, leather jackets, quilted coats and fringed jackets will be perfect during the cooler days.

Vests are another great addition to your fall closet, as they pair perfectly with western-inspired shirts and tees. Plaid shirts in shades of red and brown are a classic country style and are ideal for creating a relaxed yet elegant look.

For pants, bootcut jeans for women or dark blue jeans for men are a solid choice. Not to forget long floral print dresses with cowboy boots, an irresistible combination that brings a feminine touch to country style.

Prepárate para un otoño de inspiración country

Shoes: cowboy boots and ankle boots

Cowboy boots are a mainstay of country fashion, and this fall is no exception. These versatile boots are ideal to combine with jeans, dresses and skirts. You can opt for classic leather models or dare with bold colored designs to give a bolder twist to your country look. Whatever style you’re looking for in authentic cowboy boots, you’re sure to find it at Corbeto’s.

In addition to cowboy boots, booties are another stylish option for fall: they are ideal for wearing with skinny jeans or mid-length skirts.

Accessories: belts and hats

Accessories are the key to completing any country look. A leather belt with a large buckle and eye-catching details can transform a basic outfit into a country chic ensemble. Try leather belts in shades of brown or black to add a rustic touch to your pants and dresses. At Corbeto’s you will find high quality western belts with spectacular designs, which also allow you to use different buckles: we recommend you to discover them.

We can’t forget cowboy hats, an iconic element of country style. A wide-brimmed felt hat will add a touch of elegance to your fall look while protecting you from rain and wind.  Opt for hats in neutral colors like beige or brown, which are in tune with autumnal settings.

Prepárate para un otoño de inspiración country

A plus of elegance and sophistication… country style!

This fall get ready to embrace country inspiration in your wardrobe. From cowboy shirts and boots to belts and hats, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this timeless style into your closet. And if it’s been a part of your wardrobe for a while, all the more reason to update it with the change of season.

One of the advantages of the autumn and winter months is that clothing and footwear offer more opportunities to play with different styles and textures, and clothing in general is more elegant and sophisticated.

If you add to this that country fashion is synonymous with comfort, authenticity and is still very trendy, and you are ready to face the season with confidence and style, come and see us at Corbeto’s or visit our online store: you will find everything you need to enjoy the fall with the best country look.



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