Summer cowboy hats: protect yourself from the sun with style

The warm summer is here: it’s time to take advantage of the stylish protection offered by cowboy hats. These iconic accessories not only give you a modern, stylish and timeless look, but also protect you from the sun while adding coolness and comfort.

In this article we’ll take a look at the versatility and charm of summer cowboy hats, some of the styles you’ll find at Corbeto’s and why they should be an essential item in your summer closet.

Sombreros cowboy: protégete del sol con estilo

Summer cowboy hats: style and versatility

One of the reasons cowboy hats are so highly valued as an accessory is their versatility. They come in a wide variety of styles, materials and colors, making them suitable for any occasion. From breathable straw fabrics for hot summer days to waterproof felt for rainy winter days, there’s always a cowboy hat to suit every moment, style and personality.

You can combine them with casual outfits, such as jeans and a cowboy tee or a western shirt, but you can also surprise with a straw cowboy hat with a summer dress and sandals, creating a bohemian and fresh style. The possibilities are endless and only your imagination is the limit!

Sun protection and comfort

With the sun at its peak during the summer, protecting our skin from harmful UV rays is crucial. Wide-brimmed cowboy hats are ideal for this, as they provide effective shade over the face and neck. Plus, being made from natural materials such as straw, they allow for greater ventilation and prevent your head from overheating.

Comfort is also a key advantage of these hats, as they have a high crown that allows air to circulate freely, keeping your head cool and dry on the hottest summer days.

Sombreros cowboy: protégete del sol con estilo

Care and maintenance

To keep your cowboy hat in optimal condition all season long, it is important to follow some care tips. Avoid exposing it to heavy rain or water and when not in use, store it in a cool, dry place and be sure to keep it clean of dust and dirt with a soft brush.

Our suggestions: the “Parker” hat, by Lone Star Hats

Discover the perfect hat for country dance lovers and those looking for a genuine cowboy style! The new “Parker” hat from Lone Star Hats is a wide-brimmed accessory, perfect for sun protection, designed for both men and women, made of durable off-white canvas, giving you an authentic touch of cowboy style.

One of the features that make this hat unique is its decorative braided leather band, which gives it a touch of rustic elegance and highlights its distinctive character. Specially designed for country dance fans, it will allow you to stand out on the dance floor while immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the Wild West.

Sombreros cowboy: protégete del sol con estilo

The “Dolly” hat by Dallas Hats, for women.

This beautiful western accessory combines the best quality with the unmistakable Texan stamp, perfect to stand out at parties, line dance exhibitions or simply because you love cowboy fashion.

The “Dolly” hat is made with authentic natural Panama straw that is expertly hand-braided for a unique and elegant piece. Its toasted tone adds a rustic and authentic touch that captures the essence of the Wild West.

What really makes this model special are the details of its decoration. The hat brims, fully moldable to suit your personal style, have been carefully adorned with a piece of brown leather embroidered with intricate floral motifs in a striking turquoise green color. These details are enhanced with antique gold rivets, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Sombreros cowboy: protégete del sol con estilo

The “Cowtown 2” by Dallas Hats

This fantastic off-white stiff straw cowboy hat is the perfect choice to enhance your western style for any occasion. With an impeccable design, the Cowtown 2 combines functionality and fashion to become your favorite accessory for line dancing, horseback riding, sun protection or just to look stylish in the summer months.

The choice of stiff straw makes this Dallas Hats hat cooler and more comfortable compared to felt hats, making it the ideal choice for warm days. Its wide brim and cattleman crown give it that classic, authentic old west charm, making you stand out anywhere you go.

The Cowtown 2 is also an excellent choice for those looking for their first cowboy hat and for dance groups, as it offers fantastic value for money.


The “Bandit“, unisex western hat made of soft straw.

The “Bandit” hat is made with natural braided straw in a white tone, giving it a genuine and modern charm without losing the essence of the old west. Its unisex design makes it suitable for anyone looking to add a cowboy touch to their attire, for any country / line dance occasion or for walks and activities under the sun.

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, the hat features an adjustable leather chinstrap. This handy accessory will allow you to hang the hat around your neck or adjust the chin strap as needed, which is especially useful in situations where you need the hat to stay in place.

In addition, the hat’s brims are fully moldable, giving you the freedom to customize the hat’s shape and style to your preferences. So you can tailor the “Bandit” hat to your liking and give it a unique touch that reflects your personality.

Sombreros cowboy: protégete del sol con estilo

Shelby“: cowgirl hat with openwork crown

The “Shelby” hat is made of canvas in a beautiful off-white tan tone, which stands out for being light, fresh and resistant at the same time. This combination of materials ensures that the hat is durable and comfortable to wear, ideal to accompany you on all your western adventures.

One of the most outstanding features of the “Shelby” hat is its spectacular brown leather band with a wavy cut and embossed with delicate floral motifs. This headband is adorned with unique embellishments, such as a turquoise blue background that adds a touch of freshness and style. It also features Native American-style silver-plated conchos, as well as rhinestones and studs that enhance the hat’s charm.

The unisex hat “Ashton” in white

The Stars & Stripes “Ashton” hat is a very flattering unisex model that stands out for its elegance and functionality. Its ribbed openwork crown, made of hardened white straw, gives it a distinctive and authentic touch. This design is not only stylish, but also allows for better breathability, ideal for those hot days when you need to keep your head cool and comfortable.

One detail that makes the “Ashton” hat really special is the black band that adorns the outside of the brim. This band is also replicated in the fabric band that surrounds the hat, creating a harmony of colors that enhances its visual appeal. The combination of black and white gives a modern and sophisticated touch to the hat, making it a versatile accessory that adapts to any style.

In short, the summer cowboy hats you’ll find at Corbeto’s are more than just an accessory; they are an expression of style and attitude. Whether it’s a country music festival, a day in the fields, a walk on the beach, or just a little protection from the sun, these hats are the perfect choice for summer. With their versatility, sun protection and comfort, there’s no shortage of reasons to include a cowboy hat in your summer wardrobe. Discover yours right now at Corbeto’s, you have a lot of summer ahead of you to wear and enjoy it.



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