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In the world of fashion, there are styles that transcend time and fleeting trends, and one of them is undoubtedly the cowboy look. From the vast western plains to the city streets, the rustic charm and casual elegance of the cowboy style continues to captivate generations.

In this sense, at Corbeto’s we love to offer a careful selection of products that embody the modern cowboy spirit, from the most outstanding brands and the good quality needed to guarantee an impeccable look every step of the way. Our extensive catalogue is not lacking in novelties either, so if you already follow us, or simply have a passion for western fashion, we invite you to discover them.

Sendra Boots cowboy boots: elevating tradition

Cowboy boots are a mainstay of any cowboy wardrobe, and Spanish brand Sendra Boots is a true legend. With decades of experience in crafting high quality footwear, Sendra Boots seamlessly fuses traditional craftsmanship with innovative design.  Known for its iconic cowboy boots for both genders, Sendra Boots stands as one of the most prominent and recognised footwear brands in Europe.


At Corbeto’s we have a wide range of Sendra boots, from classic cowboy boots to versatile biker boots and stylish boots designed for country dancing. Among our latest novelties, you will find two fantastic models of Sendra cowboy boots: a spectacular limited edition for men, in shiny blue leather and snakeskin applications, and beautiful western boots for women, with a medium rounded toe, 8 cm high heel, and light brown oiled leather and shiny dark brown aged leather on the toe, heel and collar.

Stars & Stripes western hats: style icons

What completes an authentic cowboy look is a cowboy hat, and if it’s from Stars & Stripes it’s sure to shine. Made from premium materials and adorned with eyecatching authentically crafted details, the Stars & Stripes cowboy hats you’ll find at Corbeto’s are true style icons. From the classic wide-brimmed felt hat to stiff straw hats, each design from this brand captures the essence of the cowboy spirit with a touch of contemporary sophistication.

Among our new items, we bring you an elegant Stars & Stripes hat that will make it easy to look like a Texan cowboy: made of black wool felt and very soft to the touch, it is a hat that you can shape to your liking to give it the shape you prefer on the brims. It is finished off with a decorative brown leather band with a light braid and shiny metal conchos in the shape of a rhombus. And if you like the colour white, go for another of our novelties: the unisex white cowboy hat in hardened straw with a black band, a very flattering model ideal for your country dance sessions and line dance exhibitions.


Montana Silversmiths bracelets: details that make a difference

Small details make all the difference to any look, and Montana Silversmiths bracelets are the perfect accessory to add a touch of elegance to a cowboy and cowgirl look. Crafted from high quality metals, nickel or brass based and patented lacquered and ornamented with intricate engravings, these bracelets are true works of craftsmanship and design.

Montana Silversmiths is the brand trusted by the best horse and bull riders and the most famous country singers. These bracelets are highly appreciated in the world of American western culture and line dance enthusiasts: discover them yourself, they will become inseparable companions on your wrist. Among our latest novelties, you will find three beautiful Montana Silversmiths bracelets decorated with genuine turquoise, one for women, one for men and a third unisex bracelet.

Blundstone boots: comfort and durability

For those looking for a more versatile style without sacrificing authenticity, Blundstone boots are the ideal choice. With their rugged design and unrivalled comfort, Blundstone boots are the perfect combination of function and style. Whether strolling around town or venturing into the countryside, these boots are the ultimate choice for a casual look that won’t go unnoticed.

Discover among our new arrivals two fantastic new models of Blundstone boots: short Chelsea-style boots in light brown suede, and other boots in oiled brown leather with a distressed look.


Ranch & Corral Cowboy Caps: casual style with a western twist

Last but not least, Ranch & Corral cowboy caps are the perfect choice for those looking for a touch of casual style with a western twist. Made from high quality materials and adorned with unique details, these caps are the perfect choice to complement any western outfit with a touch of freshness and originality. A good example of this is the new Ranch & Corral camel-coloured, grille cowboy cap with the Ranch & Corral logo, a very new urban aesthetic in the cowboy world. This cap is decorated with a minimalist tribal longhorn on a gradient earthy background, and its design adapts very well to both urban and western looks.

In conclusion, Corbeto’s new arrivals always offer an unrivalled selection of products that guarantee an impeccable cowboy look for any occasion. From the iconic Sendra Boots cowboy boots to the carefully crafted details of Montana Silversmiths bracelets, each of our items embodies the essence of cowboy style with a touch of modernity and sophistication. The spirit of the west has never been so close, now you can wear it wherever you are. 



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Gorra roja con rejilla blanca estilo vaquero águila real

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Bota vaquera azul con piel de serpiente Sendra edición especial

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Brazalete Montana Silversmiths metal en relieve floral chapada plata para hombre y mujer

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Botines negros Blundstone con suela de goma

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Hebilla estrella texana dorada gran tamaño con borde alambre de espino

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Corbata de bolo rectangular con estrellas y relieves florales Montana Silversmiths

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