Beyoncé’s country hit: a musical revolution?

Beyoncé has shaken the foundations of the music industry once again, this time with an unexpected twist on country, which we love.  The record she’s made with her new country song, “Texas Hold ‘Em”, has sparked both excitement and controversy in the music world.

The milestone is undeniable: the singer has become the first black woman to reach the top of the Billboard country songs chart, an achievement that stands out in a genre historically dominated by white men. “Texas Hold ‘Em,” which was surprisingly released during the Super Bowl on February 11th , debuted at number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, marking a historic moment for country music and for Beyoncé herself.

Beyoncé’s attraction to country music

This radical change in the career of the artist, known for her hits in genres such as pop and R&B, is not entirely surprising to those who know her story. According to her father, Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé has loved country music since her early childhood in Alabama, where she spent her holidays, and her grandfather, who also loved the genre, would lull her to sleep as a baby and sing country songs to her.

In addition, Beyoncé herself has revealed in past interviews her connection to rodeo culture, which she has attended every year since she was a child, and the inspiration she has found in country music over the years. This passion for country has also been evident in her outfits on several occasions, where cowboy boots and cowboy hats featured prominently. He even launched a clothing collection with Adidas inspired by black rodeo culture.

But “Texas Hold ‘Em” is actually not Beyoncé’s first approach to country. On her 2016 album “Lemonade”, she had already explored the genre with the song “Daddy Lessons”. However, the song was met with scepticism from the Recording Academy, which refused to include it in the country category at the Grammy Awards.

El éxito country de Beyoncé

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Other African-American and country artists

Beyoncé’s experience is not unique in the music industry. Other African-American artists, such as Lil Nas X, have faced similar challenges in attempting to merge country with other musical genres. The exclusion of their work from country music charts has sparked debates about representation and inclusion in the genre.

Beyoncé’s music, including “Texas Hold ‘Em” and her other country song “16 Carriages“, is part of “Act II”, the second part of her album “Renaissance” released in 2022. This project, which explores diverse musical genres such as house and ballroom, is now anticipated to be an all-country album.

Music media outlet Pitchfork has praised “Texas Hold ‘Em” as “a tribute to the black roots of country music”, highlighting Beyoncé’s commitment to musical diversity and the representation of the black LGBT+ community in music.

Beyoncé’s look at the Grammys 2024

Beyoncé’s outfit has already sparked rumours of her next musical project, appearing at the 2024 Grammy Awards ceremony in a plaid-print leather ensemble and cowboy hat, designed by Pharrell Williams, creative director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s line, who drew inspiration from the country aesthetic for his latest collection.

These facts have reignited the conversation about visual and cultural identity in their music. This new cowboy culture, spearheaded by Beyoncé, challenges the norms and stereotypes ingrained in the country genre, opening up a space for authenticity and diversity in the music industry.

Williams commented: “The cowboys represent our community, myself, including black and Native American people”.

However, some obstacles remain in this regard. The recent incident with an Oklahoma station that initially refused to play “Texas Hold ‘Em” highlights the persistence of racism and discrimination in the music industry. Although the station eventually included the song in its repertoire, the incident highlights the need for broader cultural change and greater inclusion in country music.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé, with her unparalleled talent and determination, continues to defy expectations and break new ground in music. Her success in the country genre not only marks a milestone in her career, but also represents an important step towards a more diverse and equitable music industry. From Corbeto’s, we wish her continued success, and invite you to discover “Texas Hold ‘Em“: if you like country line dancing, get your boots and cowboy hat ready, because you’re in for a real treat.




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