Emotional farewell to Javier Sendra: the soul of the great brand that bears his name

It is with deep emotion that we at Corbeto’s would like to dedicate this article to Javier Sendra, the soul and creator of Sendra Boots, who left us on May 11th 2023. Javier’s untimely departure has left an indelible mark both in the world of fashion and in our hearts: in Corbeto’s he occupies a very important place that will always be his. 

The bond that united us with Javier Sendra, visionary entrepreneur and tireless craftsman, who embodied the very essence of the Sendra Boots brand, was very close: with him we went hand in hand in the evolution, expansion and worldwide recognition of the brand and also of our shop, Corbeto’s Boots.

In this article, as well as paying a small tribute to Javier, we would like to tell you who this great man was, an excellent businessman, a good friend and proud of the land where he was born, Almansa, a town in the province of Albacete. From there, Sendra Boots has conquered the world of footwear with its emblematic cowboy boots

Creative genius and daring entrepreneur

With unwavering dedication, Javier Sendra Navarro carved his path in the footwear industry, turning this modest family business that saw him grow into an international benchmark for iconic cowboy boots. His passion and commitment to his craft were reflected in every detail of his work, creating unique pieces that conquered the hearts of cowboy style lovers all over the world.

The history of Sendra Boots is a story of love for tradition and quality. From humble beginnings in Almansa, Albacete province, Javier Sendra was dedicated to preserving the legacy of authentic cowboy boots, fusing the finest craftsmanship with avant-garde designs. Each pair of Sendra boots was, and still is, a true masterpiece, carefully handcrafted with the finest materials and following methods passed down from generation to generation.


Javier Sendra

The charm of Sendra boots lies in their unmistakable style and their ability to tell stories. Each stitch, each texture, was a testimony to the passion and skill that Javier Sendra put into each creation. His timeless and evocative designs transcend passing fashions and are a symbol of freedom, authenticity and adventurous spirit.

The Sendra Boots brand, under the guidance and leadership of Javier Sendra, crossed borders and became a benchmark in the footwear industry. His dedication and bold vision led the company to conquer new markets, achieving worldwide recognition for its unparalleled quality and unique aesthetics.

Today, as we bid farewell to Javier Sendra in these lines, his spirit lives on in every pair of boots that bear the name of his legacy. His passion for craftsmanship, his love of tradition and his ability to capture the essence of cowboy life will remain at the heart of Sendra Boots.


Javier Sendra and Corbeto’s

The relationship between Javier Sendra and the Corbeto’s family goes back more than 40 years and has gone beyond the professional. The bond began with his father, José Sendra, whom Jordi Corbeto, current owner of Corbeto’s Boots, remembers fondly from his childhood visits to the original Sendra Boots factory, located in the mythical Plaza Santiago Bernabéu in Almansa. 

Jose Corbeto, former Corbeto’s Boots owner and now retired and his son Jordi Corbeto, have shared many moments with Javier Sendra visiting the Almansa factory following up the  production: at Corbeto’s we are the official sales point for Sendra Boots in Barcelona.


Jordi Corbeto controlling Sendra’s production

During those days, which we remember with special affection, we also designed new collections side by side with Javier and studied new opportunities to make cowboy boot fashion evolve in Europe: the many hours shared in those chats passed quickly and were always enriching.

We also had the opportunity to share together the participation of Sendra Boots in the most important international fashion fairs held in Europe, collaborating closely in the promotion of the brand and in the creation of new models for the Sendra Boots collections.

Corbeto’s space in Sendra Boots

Javier Sendra’s departure leaves a void that is very difficult to fill, but fortunately, the continuity of the brand he founded is assured with the best of relays: that of Alejandra Sendra, Javier’s daughter and heir to his talent, who has already accumulated extensive experience and training at the heart of the company. 

In the meantime, Javier Sendra’s legacy will continue to guide us and remind us of the importance of pursuing our dreams with passion and determination. Rest in peace, dear Javier, and may your boots continue to walk steadily towards the horizon, carrying with them your immortal spirit and eternal vision.

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