Three country looks with denim shirts

Country style is a timeless trend that evokes the essence of the wild west, freedom and country life, although nowadays it is also worn in more urban environments. And if there’s one must-have that perfectly represents this style, it’s the western t-shirt.

This durable and versatile garment is a staple in any country fashion lover’s wardrobe, and is so wearable that it fits perfectly into many casual outfits.

In this article we present you three country looks with authentic cowboy tees like the ones you’ll find at Corbeto’s, which means that in addition to being high quality garments, they have a design that sets them apart from the rest: don’t settle for less to get a high western look.

Casual and relaxed look

If you’re looking for a comfortable and relaxed look, choose to combine a western t-shirt with bootcut jeans and ankle cowboy boots. This simple but effective combination will give you an authentic and relaxed vibe, perfect for the weekend, for your country line dance classes or to enjoy at a country music festival.

Complete the look with a few accessories such as a cowboy belt that stands out with its buckle, and a felt or straw cowboy hat. For a country touch, consider adding a leather jacket, fringed jacket, western blazer or leather waistcoat.


Feminine and flirty look

For a feminine twist on country style, try pairing a cowgirl T-shirt with a long floaty skirt and a pair of high-heeled cowboy boots.  This combination creates an outfit with southern charm, perfect for spring and summer.

Opt for a tee with rhinestones or add a bandana scarf tied around your neck to add a touch of femininity to your look. Complete the outfit with some delicate accessories, such as earrings with western charms.

Urban look with a country twist

If you want to incorporate country style into your everyday wardrobe without losing the urban vibe, try pairing a western t-shirt with chinos and Blundstone boots. This combination creates a fresh, modern look with a country twist.

You can add a sleeveless denim waistcoat over the tee for extra flair. Complete the outfit with subtle but stylish accessories, such as a good western belt, leather watch, western trucker or baseball cap and aviator-style sunglasses.


Corbeto’s western t-shirts

If you’re looking for an authentic, quality cowboy t-shirt, look no further, because Corbeto’s Boots has just what you need. In our catalogue we offer you USA made cowboy t-shirts that will make you feel like you’re living in the wild west.

One of the features that makes Corbeto’s Boots cowboy t-shirts for men and women stand out is their quality. These garments are made from durable and hard-wearing materials, ensuring that they will accompany you on all your country adventures for a long time to come. And with authentic styling and carefully crafted detailing, you’ll be able to keep your western look on point.

From classic cowboy t-shirts in shades of blue and grey to bold options with prints or inlays that add a touch of originality, the possibilities are endless!

Add a Corbeto’s cowboy t-shirt to your wardrobe and get ready to dive into the world of the west and proudly wear country style in your everyday life.


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