It’s still peek-a-booing, but Halloween wants to be again the scariest day of the year, and this time with a little less social distance. Everybody know this already, but for the few absent-minded, we will note on the night of October 31th, Halloween, an originally Anglosaxon festivity, is also celebrated as the Day of the Dead in Mexico or Samhain (the Celtic Witches’ Night) for example. Both children and grown-ups will enjoy playing the treat or trick game to pig out eating candies, organizing a special and frenzy costume party, meeting our friends at midnight to tell scary-jumping stories or being awake all night watching horror movies back to back…

There is no doubt, after writing here once a week for a long time, that talking about western culture is a joyful task fo rus, but we love the horror genre as well, so today we’re going to relive our very own Frankenstein talking about Horror Western movies, a specific subgenre where the Far West characteristic landscapes and people are involved in plots with a strong approach on sci-fi and terror genres.

Below you will find our cool movie selection, so alone or in the company of others you will enjoy Halloween in a terrifying way *evil laughter*


Ravenous, el poder de la carne cruda (1999)Happened during the Mexican Independence War, it’s not a western in the true sense of the word, but it’s heavily inspired in this genre.

After hiding under a pile of corpses, a soldier called John Boyd (performed by Guy Pearce) accidentally drank spilling blood from one of these bodies. From this moment his life started changing for better, achieving the courage he lacked in the past. This surviving exploit leads him to be promoted to captain, although for his officials this accomplishment just was a stroke of luck. Later on, the newly captain will be transfered with other washouts to a remote fort. In the middle of winter, with all members totally jaded, an outsider called Colqhoun (brilliantly performed by Robert Carlyle) appears, everything will become way more bloody.

Like those parodic zombified literature classics, this movie begins with a Nietzsche saying ‘The one who fight with monsters should be careful of not becoming in a monster itself’ and then says ‘Devour me’.


Dead birds (2004)

Gritos de muerte (2004)In this movie that took place during an American Civil War timeline, a band of exsoldiers stole a bank and hid into an abandoned house, waiting for the best moment to escape to Mexico and divide up the spoils. But no one knew this hut is going to show some paranormal activity bursts, as years ago a psycho householder killed his own family and slaves, summoning this way a hellhole. Now all of these thieves will run for their lives, keeping an eye on the huge amount of money stolen.

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)We’re still visiting the Far and Old West with this movie chronologically dated on 1873, an era where the new discovered Western territories were disputed between the Eastern and Southern colonizers and the Native American original tribes. Suddenly a third party alien army will appear to submit every single human, so both sides in fight will join forces to save the Earth. Still on this, Jake Lonergan wakes up in the middle of nowhere, without remembering nothing and with a weird bracelet on his left hand. Soon he will meet the wrong person, a businessman’s privileged son from a miner almost abandoned village. What you can expect from this movie? The classic starring pair with a brave yet amnesiac newcomer and a cheeky local guy with a great heart at the end that will make the best team ever against someone who menaces the American status quo.

The wind (2018)

The wind (2018)It’s a western, but not starred by men; it’s a horror movie, but don’t expect things beyond the grave in there. ‘The wind’ is about a women and the domestic space she takes care and defends.

The Macklins live apart from the rest of the civilization in a desert prairie at American soil, but this situation will completely change when two new neighbours, the Harpers, will install very close to them; they act a bit odd, but after all, they are human. The Macklin family will feel really enthusiastic with the newcomers and decide to host them cooking homemade dishes and giving a hand working the ground. The Harpers will express both their gratitude, but with a growing hostility for such this kindness. The twist plot comes when an evil entity will enter into Ms. Harper’s mind, beginning an insane and terrorific destructive spiral in this little community.


The pale door (2020)

The pale door (2020)This western horror movie was released in the United States last August, maybe vaguely inspired in ‘From Dusk till Dawn’, one of the first Tarantino’s blockbusters. Two bandits and brothers organize a robbery, wherein one of them get wounded and should ask for medical help at the closest town. Once there, they will realize the whole town is actually a witches’ coven that will try to end with the outlaw’s life.

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