Practical tips for choosing your ankle boots

Ankle western boots are the perfect choice to show in very diverse occasions, from casual to the most special ones. It’s a top accessory when Autumn starts, but in addition to being very easy to wear during the coldest months, most of ankle boots can be used during the whole year: you will make the most of this footwear. 

There are ankle cowboy boots, ankle biker boots, ankle camperos boots, ankle engineer boots, Australian ankle boots, laced ankle boots… Each one with a characteristic design, that corresponds to the style of who wear them. In the case of ankle western boots, that continue being a powerful fashion trend, one of their strengths is the design, mix of irresistible ease and elegance. They are very comfortable, especially the ankle boots that will find at Corbeto’s,  and won’t need any excuse to wear them because they go well with everything.

The ankle boots will take you to the office, to the country line dance sessions, the countryside, parties, city walks… Day or night, if there’s any limit to your ankle boots, you set it. 

In any case, there are some tips that would be good to have in mind when it’s time to choose a pair of ankle boots: if you follow them, will shorten your search time and will find the perfect pair for your style. Let’ see it!



As comfortable as nice:  this is how your ankle boots must be

Comfort is essential in any kind of shoes, because a nice design is useless if wearing a footwear is a torture. In the case of ankle boots, there are several basic features that must fulfil to be as comfortable as possible.

  • The insole: did you think that it hadn’t much important on a shoe? So it has! Try to always choose ankle boots with a cushioned and thick insole, that adapts after each step and cares feet’ skin.
  • The heel: we recommend choosing the heel that use to wear the most, both in height and width. And if you are considering buying a pair of ankle boots with a higher than usual heel, you will need to give your feet some time to get used to those extra centimetres: the best way is start wearing your new ankle boots on alternate days, not every day.
  • Laces on the ankle boots: this element provides a greater subjection in the ankle zone and are recommended if you use to have pain on the back or knees. Furthermore, it benefits a natural and ergonomic step.
  • Zipper: the same as the laces, zippers in the ankle boots improve ankle’ subjection. In addition, if you decide buying a pair of ankle boots with a higher heel than the one you use to wear, if they feature zipper will be more comfortable and easier to get on.
  • The size: if you are in doubt between two sizes, is preferable the ankle boot to be a bit baggy than very tight, in this case you can always put some insoles: will hold better your feet and the ankle boots won’t rub you. A trick to choose the right size is trying that ankle’s boot toe fold to coincide with our toes bend area when stepping.
  • The outsole: ankle boots’ good condition lasting greatly depends of this part. The ones that will find at Corbeto’s, being all quality ankle boots from the finest brands, feature outsoles that guarantee a long durability.



Ankle boots according to the occasion

You surely expect from your ankle boots the same as any other footwear: to look nice and be stylish, but also to be functional and comfortable, especially if you are going to wear them for long periods of time. And it’s quite likely this last will happen because as we said at the beginning of this article, ankle boots are very wearable 

Then, how to choose the most appropiate ankle boots for you?

With heel or flat, with laces or zipper, plain or decorated… there are so many options! Which is better for each occasion?

If you look for ankle boots to stay at work for many hours, we recommend them to have low heel and as much comfortable as possible. It isn’t necessary to renounce to the style when it’s about comfort: there are many ankle boots with low heel that are very nice-looking. Any example? The legendary Blundstone, with non-slip outsole, tough, comfortable and with a design good for the city or even the desert. 

The wide heel ankle boot, as most of the ankle cowboy boots, greatly improve subjection and are perfect if we look for a complete step when walking. Approximate height for most of the cowboy ankle boots is about 4 cm, although some women’s cowboy ankle boots styles have a slightly higher heel. The outsole from the ankle cowboy boots is from leather with GOODYEAR welt, what guarantees a long durability.

For that reason, it’s important to buy quality ankle boots, don’t settle with any model. It’s a relevant purchase that in addition to provide comfort and style, will last you for years. At least if they are from Corbeto’s: another requisite to always hit on the target when choosing your new pair of boots or ankle boots… and much more. 


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