Discover the legend of Jack O’Lantern: the true symbol of Halloween

Halloween’s genuine tradition, which comes from an ancient Celtic myth, was brought to North America by the first Irish colons, and due to the Protestant religion influence, this belief became very much in a kids & adults leisure day. Over time, this Halloween’s secular celebration massively grew in popularity and became also in a core part of North American culture, largely enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures.

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Now let’s resume to the main topic today in our blog: what exactly originated the current Halloween festivity has still an aura of mystery, and this works pretty well to gain everyone’s interest. What many of us know already is about some legends and tales about the birth of Halloween, starting as a populous late summer or harvest time celebration between peasants.

According to another tale, the genesis of this rooted tradtion was created by some remorseless Christians in rule of the Catholic church, with full intention of scare and satirize Irish’s pagans, as the arrival of Christianism to Eire’s island banned and persecuted some old celebrations in Ireland, such a Celtic festivity called Samhain (pronounced sow-in), which was being celebrated also on October 31th.


A Celtic celebration across the Atlantic Sea

As we explained at the beginning of this article, Halloween’s genesis can be find in Celtics, an ancient indoeuropean populace who settled in Western Europe around the year 600 b.C. Their religious practices were revolved around animal sacrifices, divinations and soothsayings, being also polytheists and worshipping various gods as Samhain, the God of Death.

A special celebration was dedicated to this deity, where the druids delayed their own timetables, as it was commonly believe that only in this day the spirits of the dead left their graves, only on the night of October 31th. At dawn, many people disguised themselves to ask door-to-door for what it was considered as candies in those times: with the past of the time we can consider this is the famous ‘trick or treat’ precedent.

Halloween’s party arrived in the decade of 1840 to the USA & Canada along with Irish migrants, and in point of fact is an Irish legendary figure, Jack O’Lantern, who represents the way we enjoy Halloween nowadays. Let’s know more about him.


The image of a greedy yet cunning Irish: Jack O’Lantern

Jack O’Lantern, the true symbol of Halloween, is the main character of an Irish legend that relate the story of a stingy man called Jack: so wretched he was that Lucifer himself wanted to check if this was true. One fine day, the Prince of the Shadows visited Jack’s town, and after drinking some whisky shots, the Demon revealed himself.

However, the meeting doesn’t end here: Lucifer announced Jack he was in charge of bringing Jack to hell in order to pay for his sins, being the miser agree with that, as long as he can enjoy first a last drink round.

The Devil granted his last wish, but as both of them were broke, Jack acted as tight as he knew and dare Lucifer to shape himself in a coin to show his powers. When he did that, all of a sudden Jack kept the coin in his pocket where already a silver crucifix was waiting, restraining the Devil in this smart, not being able to recover his original body. Jack won’t freed the Demon anymore unless he promised Jack to not bother him in a whole year, and they finally agreed.

As the year had elapsed, Lucifer tried it again, and then Jack ask him as his final wish to eat the juiciest apple before being condemned to hell: he pointed at the fruit hanging on a tree and the Tempter climbed it to catch the apple. Once the Demon was up to, Jack carved another cross over the tree’s trunk to restrain again the Devil, demanding this time to not being persecuted for another ten years and to finally give up claiming his soul.

The Demon accepted this new deal, but Jack passed away before those ten years went to an end: when Jack was ready to reach the Gates of Heaven, guarded by Saint Peter, he stopped Jack due to his bad behaviour during his lifetime. Then he was transferred to Hell, but as Jack was banned as well by reason of the pact made with the Devil, Lucifer throwed some glowing embers that Jack catched on the fly with a hollow turnip, whose use started to be like a lantern.



As of this momento, Jack the Greedy was also known as Jack of the Lantern, shortened as Jack O’Lantern. His wandering soul was eternally doomed to stay in the unknown paths between the Kingdoms of Good and Evil with no other help and company than his special lamp. That’s how first began the Halloween’s tradition we all know, first hand-carving turnips and then pumpkins, to enlight the way to the missing ones during Halloween’s night and avoid that Jack O’Lantern enters in your home.

So don’t forget to put an enlightened pumpkin the night of October 31th, because believe it or not, Jack is waiting to knock at your door, and don’t forget neither to take back this Corbeto’s Boots unique discount only for Halloween’s day: with no tricks or treats… A short yet intense day like Halloween deserves to be enjoyed and cheered in all possible ways.


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