The cowboy style conquers the fashion shows

Cowboy style is positioning itself as one of this season’s trendsetters. Not only denim jeans are in vogue, but also bold cowboy hats, striking cowboy buckles, cowboy boots and ankle boots, as well as stylish ‘total denim’ outfits that lay the foundations for a growing trend in the fashion world known as ‘cowboy core’. Would you like to know more about this trend? We explain it in detail.

El estilo cowboy conquista las pasarelas de modaLouis Vuitton goes for cowboy style

During Paris fashion week, Louis Vuitton, under the direction of Pharrell Williams, presented a fashion show evoking images from western films: wide-brimmed hats, oval buckles, boots, bandanas, waistcoats and a wide range of garments inspired by the Wild West, now closer than ever.

Even Beyoncé, to whom we recently dedicated an article in Corbeto’s, has also joined this trend by surprising us with her country song ‘Texas hold’em’ as a preview of a full album that, as she has revealed, will follow this same line. In addition, on the poster for his ‘Renaissance World Tour’ he appears with a silver wide-brimmed cowboy hat, which is already sold out.

“Cowboy style is a trend that will never disappear completely, but this spring it is making a strong statement in the form of complete outfits rather than individual garments,” says stylist Rocío Sanz about the growing fascination with the denim world.

El estilo cowboy conquista las pasarelas de moda

Beyoncé makes waves with cowboy hat

Beyoncé’s iconic cowboy hat, which has caused a sensation, has creative mind Abby Misbin, the designer and director of Trending by Abby. Philadelphia-based Misbin offers these hats which, following Beyoncé’s impact, have quickly sold out, leaving customers out of stock in a matter of hours. The phenomenon has been so powerful that some companies have turned their attention exclusively to selling these hats.

According to the stylist, the preference is for striking and unconventional models, from those adorned with crystals or rhinestones like Beyoncé’s, to others in intense colours such as pink. Ecru white and light grey are also popular, although in reality, the trend extends to cowboy hats in general, from the most discreet to the most extravagant.

In Corbeto ‘s catalogue you’ll find a wide range of authentic Texan cowboy hats: you’re sure to find the one that best suits your style, you’ll see that you won’t be short of options.

El estilo cowboy conquista las pasarelas de modaCowboy boots: an essential basic

Cowboy boots have already established themselves as a wardrobe essential. According to some fashion experts, they are now considered a staple in any footwear collection, as they are comfortable and characterful, and will continue to be popular in future seasons. For the 2024 season, those that mimic the worn effect on leather and square toes are particularly popular.

Also boots in bright colours or two-tone combinations such as red and brown or blue and dark brown, among others, occupy a special place this season. In Corbeto ‘s you will find several spectacular models in this sense, at the height of any demanding fashionista. And if you opt for more sober models, don’t worry, because you will also find them in our catalogue.

El estilo cowboy conquista las pasarelas de modaDenim is booming

Total denim has made a strong comeback in the fashion world, attracting both fans and critics. The style, characterised by a combination of denim-blues, has been championed by influential names such as Louis Vuitton and actress Anne Hathaway’s recent appearance in a Ralph Lauren denim ensemble.

Reminiscent of the Britney Spears era in 2000, denim is once again the undisputed star of the fashion scene. According to the experts, denim never goes out of fashion, but it is currently taking centre stage in the upcoming trends. The star combination includes bootcut jeans, ideal for wearing with cowboy boots, and a jacket with shoulder pads, complemented with basic T-shirts or shirts in light tones, a choice that promises to be a trend-setter this spring.

El estilo cowboy conquista las pasarelas de moda

All in all, the resurgence of cowboy style in contemporary fashion is a fascinating phenomenon that demonstrates its ability to reinvent itself and adapt to current trends. From denim to fringes, hats and boots, this iconic aesthetic continues to conquer catwalks and streets with its aura of freedom and authenticity.

Whether reinterpreting classic pieces or incorporating modern details, cowboy style, such as you’ll find at Corbeto ‘s, continues to inspire designers and fashionistas alike, establishing itself as an enduring trend that reflects a timeless fascination with the spirit of the Wild West.


El estilo cowboy conquista las pasarelas de moda

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