How to care for your cowboy hat

Taking proper care of your cowboy hat is essential to maintain its shape, quality and appearance for a long time. A cowboy hat is not only an accessory to complement your outfit, but a practical accessory that is more useful than it seems at first glance: it protects you from the elements both on the beach and in the countryside, it’s ideal for horseback riding, western festivals… and of course, for country dancing.

In this article we are going to give you some useful tips to keep your favourite cowboy hat in perfect condition so that you can always wear it impeccably.

Steps to take care of your cowboy hat

How to care for your cowboy hatAdequate storage: When you are not wearing your cowboy hat, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or in damp places, as this can cause discolouration and deformation. Also, make sure the hat is not resting on its brims or crown, it is preferable to hang it up when not in use, this way it will keep its shape better.

Regular maintenance: Be sure to gently brush your cowboy hat regularly to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Use a soft bristle brush or a delicate cloth to avoid damaging the material.

Rain protection: protect your cowboy hat from moisture and rain.  However, at Corbeto’s you’ll find felt western hats treated to be water repellent, so you can wear it with peace of mind even on rainy days. Tip: you can use a leather waterproofing spray on your hat, it won’t damage it and will create a water repellent coating.

Proper handling: Avoid handling your cowboy hat by the brim, as this can affect its shape.  It is preferable to hold it by the inside brim both for handling and when you are not wearing it.  Some models of cowboy hats have a strap that allows them to be worn hanging over the upper back when not in use.

Gentle cleaning: If your cowboy hat gets dirty, try to clean it gently with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or completely submerging it in water, as this can seriously damage the material.

Store it properly: avoid traditional hangers to store your cowboy hat, or stack it with others in the wardrobe.  A very practical solution to store your hat while protecting its original shape is a special cowboy hat hanger, like the one you’ll find at Corbeto’s. This special hanger has been designed to fit any model of cowboy hat, regardless of its material, size or brim width. Its patented ergonomic design, made of iron with a non-slip plastic coating, prevents the hat from losing its original shape. Because of its small size, you can take the hanger anywhere you want, and you have many options for hanging it: in the wardrobe, hallway, car seat, door frame or any surface that sticks out: it’s very practical.

By following these simple care tips, you can enjoy your cowboy hat for years to come, keeping it looking impeccable for all your western adventures.

How to care for your cowboy hatWhat the Bullhide Hats and Stars & Stripes look like

Bullhide Hats and Stars & Stripes are two brands we trust at Corbeto’s, renowned for their quality and style in the world of cowboy hats.

Bullhide Hats is distinguished by exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their cowboy hats are made of high quality materials, ensuring durability and strength. In addition to their superior quality, Bullhide Hats offer a wide variety of styles and designs, as you will see in our catalogue: from classic to modern and colourful, there is a Bullhide for every western style lover. With a combination of tradition and modernity, Bullhide Hats are a popular choice if you’re looking for a style that’s as authentic as it is durable.

On the other hand, Stars & Stripes stands out for its commitment to authenticity and the traditional style of the American West. This brand offers a wide range of cowboy hats that capture the essence of the old west with details such as leather trim, decorative bands and metal rivets: we invite you to discover them in the Corbeto’s catalogue.  Stars & Stripes hats are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the countryside and outdoor life, making them a popular choice for adventure lovers and especially for country dancing.  With their classic style and exceptional quality, Stars & Stripes hats also make a bold fashion statement if you’re looking for a touch of western authenticity in your wardrobe.

How to care for your cowboy hat

Overall, pairing your cowboy hat with your outfit can add a distinctive and bold touch of style to your outfits.  From a casual ensemble to a more formal look, the cowboy hat is a versatile piece that can be put to good use. For a casual and relaxed look, pair your cowboy hat with skinny jeans, a basic t-shirt and cowboy boots. For a more sophisticated look, pair your cowboy hat with a suit, western blazer and black leather cowboy boots. And remember: an accessory as special as an authentic cowboy hat deserves to be taken care of. You will see that it will become a faithful companion for a long time to come.

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