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In the western states of the USA, summer holidays offer a wide variety of activities to enjoy the warm weather and the wonderful natural attractions. If you’re dreaming of a holiday in the western USA or would like to know what alternatives there are to visit the area during the summer season, this article will tell you all about them. Let’s get started!


Holidays in the western USA: lush wilderness

For nature lovers, some of the most popular ways to spend summer holidays in the western states of the USA are:

Explore the national parks. The western United States is rich in stunning national parks, such as Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona), Yosemite (California), Yellowstone (Wyoming, Montana and Idaho), Joshua Tree (California), Zion National Park (Utah), Bryce Canyon (Utah) and many others. These parks offer incredible natural beauty, unique landscapes and experiences, spectacular geological formations, hiking, camping, wildlife viewing and opportunities for unforgettable scenery. If you get the chance, they are worth exploring.


Vacaciones en el oeste de EEUU: Yosemite


Get outdoors: The western United States is known for its outdoor activities. From hiking in the Rocky Mountains to rafting wild rivers, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, fishing and much more, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and stay active during the summer holidays.


Vacaciones en el oeste de EEUU

Rocky Mountains

The right clothing for holidays in National Parks

The appropriate attire for a summer holiday in the national parks of the western United States depends on the weather and the activities you plan to do, but some general recommendations would be:

Lightweight, breathable clothing: Opt for clothing made of lightweight, breathable materials, such as cotton western t-shirts, which are more comfortable and cooler. However, don’t forget to bring a light jacket or jumper to wear on cooler evenings or when at higher altitudes.

Comfortable footwear: National parks often involve hiking and exploring, so it’s important to wear comfortable and sturdy footwear, such as Blundstone boots, comfortable and stylish all-rounders that you can make the most of in both wilderness and city environments.

Swimwear and waterproof clothing: If you plan to visit areas with lakes, rivers or beaches, bring a swimming costume and towel so you can enjoy the water and relax on the shore. But also keep in mind that some areas, such as Yellowstone National Park, can get caught in sudden downpours during the summer, so a raincoat is a must.

Hat, cap and sunscreen: The sun can be strong in national parks, especially in high altitude areas. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, such as a straw cowboy hat, or a baseball cap, sunglasses and broad-spectrum sunscreen on all exposed areas of skin.

Vacaciones en el oeste de EEUU

Joshua Tree National Park

Beach, towns and road

While the west coast of the United States may be best known for its mountainous landscapes, it also boasts beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean. Places like the beaches of California, Oregon and Washington are popular destinations for relaxing, surfing, seaside biking and sunbathing.

Cities in the western United States also offer a variety of activities during the summer. For example, you can visit San Francisco and tour the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoy the lively cultural scene in Los Angeles, explore downtown Seattle or stroll the streets of Las Vegas.

Vacaciones en el oeste de EEUU

Las Vegas

Road trips are a popular way to explore the western United States. Wide highways and scenic byways allow you to travel vast distances and enjoy breathtaking scenery. Some famous routes include Route 66, the Pacific Coastal Route and California State Route 1.

As infallible clothing for these areas, apart from the inevitable swimwear if you’re going to the beach, straw cowboy hats and trucker caps will again be essential. For strolling around town, ankle cowboy boots and western shirts will be ideal, and once again, hats and caps will do a great job of protecting you from the sun and heat. And for the famous two-wheeled trails, good biker boots are a must, as well as a genuine leather waistcoat, a cowboy or biker t-shirt and a bandana.

Pacific Coastal Route

Pacific Coastal Route

These are the most popular and recommended ways to spend your summer holidays in the western states of the United States. But this part of the country offers such a variety of activities and options for all tastes that, whichever way you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable summer. But you’ve already seen that the contents of your suitcase are important, and nowhere like Corbeto’s will you find the ideal clothing, footwear and accessories for your luggage.

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