Caps in summer: discover their types and styles

Summer is here and with it comes bright sunshine and hot days. As temperatures rise, it is important to protect ourselves from the effects of the sun’s rays, and one of the best ways to do this is by wearing a cap. As well as being a practical piece, caps are also a fashion accessory that enhances personal style in a multitude of casual looks.

In this article, Corbeto’s will take a look at the different types of caps and how they can reflect your style.


"Las gorras en verano: descubre sus tipos y estilos"

Classic baseball cap

The baseball cap is a timeless accessory that never goes out of style. With its curved brim design and adjustable size, it’s a versatile option that adapts to different styles. If you’re a classic lover, you can opt for a baseball cap in neutral colours like black, white or navy. If you prefer warm, rustic, western-inspired tones, go for a distressed brown baseball cap with Cowboy embroidery, pair it with casual outfits like jeans and western print t-shirts for a cool, casual look.

At Corbeto’s, you’ll discover an incredible selection of baseball caps made with the highest quality materials and exceptional finishes.


Trucker cap

At Corbeto’s, we offer you an exclusive selection of trucker hats with a special touch. These caps stand out for their mesh panels on the back, which makes them cooler than baseball style caps, and some models have the official licence of the famous American car brand, Mustang. On the front, you’ll find the brand’s legendary shield, with its traditional red, white and blue stripes, and the emblematic galloping horse embroidered in white. A true icon of motorsport that will allow you to reflect your passion for legendary cars.

Our new collection of trucker hats will allow you to show off the spirit of the USA. With a variety of themes, including Mustang, Cowboy, Rebel, Confederate and Biker, each cap is carefully designed with detailed front embroidery. These embroideries capture the essence and personality of each theme, giving you a unique and authentic style.

In addition to their attractive design, these caps offer functionality. The high-quality construction ensures adequate ventilation, keeping your head cool and comfortable in any situation. The velcro fastener at the back allows for easy and precise size adjustment, so you can find the perfect fit.


"Las gorras en verano: descubre sus tipos y estilos"


If you’re passionate about legendary cars, cowboy spirit, country line dancing, surf rebel style or the biker world, these caps are the perfect accessory for you. Every time you wear one of these caps, you’ll reflect your passion for American culture and those iconic elements that represent this must-have summer accessory.

Among the trucker hats, the Ranch & Corral caps stand out. Ranch & Corral is a Mexican manufacturer renowned in the American continent and is triumphing with its excellent collection of western caps that you will find in our shop and that faithfully reflect the authentic American western spirit. These caps also incorporate an innovative urban aesthetic that is perfectly suited to both your city lifestyle and your weekend getaways.

With edgy designs and unique details, both Ranch & Corral and Stars & Stripes caps will give you a fresh, modern look. Whether you’re strolling the city streets or enjoying outdoor adventures, these caps will complement your outfits exceptionally well. The perfect combination of denim charm and contemporary fashion is evident in every detail of these caps.

Biker cap

In our extensive collection of Stars & Stripes American caps, biker style is reflected perfectly for both men and women. Each cap is designed with embroidery on the front that represents the pure spirit of the bikers, with vivid colours that catch the eye.

Some cap models have an attractive worn look right from the start, giving them a unique and authentic character. The back of these caps is made of a mesh fabric that facilitates breathability, keeping your head cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

A distinctive detail of our caps is the button at the top of the crown. This little detail gives it that touch of authenticity that lovers of true biker essence appreciate so much. Every time you wear one of our caps, you are carrying with you a symbol of biker culture and the rebellious spirit that surrounds it.



"Las gorras en verano: descubre sus tipos y estilos"Whether you consider yourself a true biker or just love the style and attitude that goes with it, our Stars & Stripes American caps are the perfect accessory to complete your look. Stand out with bold designs and vibrant colours, and show your passion for the world of two wheels and freedom on the road.

Kepi Recreation

Enthusiasts of the American Civil War period can now enjoy a high quality replica kepi, made of blue or grey suede (depending on whether it is a Union or Confederate uniform) and a black leather visor. War kepis were an integral part of the uniform of the soldiers of the different armies during one of the most fascinating eras in American history. At Corbeto’s you will find original replica kepis ideal for use at events and reenactments related to the Civil War and the western world.

These replica kepis accurately capture the authenticity and style of the era. Crafted from high quality materials such as suede and leather, these Civil War kepis stand out for their attention to detail and impeccable finish. Each one represents a piece of history, allowing you to immerse yourself in the past and relive key moments of the American Civil War.

In addition to their authentic look, these Civil War hats are also adjustable to different sizes. Thanks to a buckle at the back, you can find the perfect fit for your comfort. This ensures that everyone can enjoy this historical replica and wear it with pride during their events and related activities. Immerse yourself in history and experience the excitement of this momentous period through these exceptional replica kepis.

In conclusion, whatever type of cap you choose, our advice is that it should provide you with comfort and fit your personal style, although we also encourage you to have fun experimenting with different styles. Don’t wait to find the perfect cap to complement your summer outfits: get it now at Corbeto’s, and you’ll see that it will become your faithful companion this summer.


"Las gorras en verano: descubre sus tipos y estilos"

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