Caps: learn how to take advantage of this top-trend accessory

Surely you have already noticed: American denim caps are a strong trend in unisex fashion, and it is difficult to resist them. Although they have their origin in sport, caps have long since become a fashion element that has transcended beyond the playing field, gaining popularity in urban culture and everyday fashion.

American western caps offer a wide variety of styles, materials, colors and designs, which makes them look good and suitable for different looks: in the Corbeto’s logo you can discover them. Some are decorated with embroidery and prints of animals such as eagles, cows or horses, an ideal design if you like western aesthetics, also very fashionable. Other models are biker style, and there is no shortage of American patriotic caps, or simply trucker style, genuinely western.

Whatever your favorite cap is, you have many options to adapt it to your personal style. Therefore, before you find it in our catalog, because we surely have it, we will explain everything you should know about this iconic accessory.

What is the origin of caps?

Caps originated in American baseball in the mid-nineteenth century, and as almost always happens, their function at first was purely practical.  Basketball was played outdoors, and as players needed to protect themselves from the sun during at the game, they began to wear hats with visors: This is how the first baseball caps were born, quite simple, with a long visor that protected player’s face from the sun and dust.

Over time, baseball caps evolved and became more popular as a fashion accessory. In the 1900s, baseball teams began customizing their caps with the colors and logos of their squads, which led to caps becoming a way to show support for a particular team. But as the popularity of this accessory grew, baseball caps were expanding their design and the cowboy cap emerged, which triumphed in urban fashion, and continues to do so.

Today, caps have become a true accessory that is used not only in sports, but also as part of the everyday dress style of many people of all ages, and all over the world. Whether to protect yourself from the sun, show support for a team or simply as a western fashion accessory, caps are multipurpose and this season they are a safe bet as a complement.


With what looks you can look better your cap

The caps can be worn in the urban, sporty, streetwear, western and biker style. This accessory is used in combination with a wide range of outfits, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, skirts, dresses, sports shoes and cowboy boots. In addition, many fashion brands, including haute couture, have incorporated caps into their collections, which has contributed to them being a constant trend in fashion.

Let’s see some ideas so you can incorporate your cap to different outfits:

  • Sporty and casual: Denim caps are a key element in sporty and casual looks. You can combine a cap with graphic T-shirt, jeans or sweatpants, sneakers and a denim jacket for a relaxed and sporty look. You can also wear a cap with a hoodie, jeans and sneakers for a casual and comfortable style.
  • Urban and streetwear: Caps are also popular in urban fashion and streetwear. You can combine a cap with an oversize t-shirt, cargo pants, sneakers and eye-catching accessories such as chains or bracelets for an urban and modern look. Adding a cap to your outfit can give it a casual and street touch.
  • Sporty-elegant style: If you want to give a sporty touch to a more elegant look, you can use a cap as a contrast. You can combine a cap with a blazer, a stylish blouse, dress pants and cowboy bootsmanaging to create a sporty-elegant look with a modern and casual touch.
  • Urban-cowboy style: we can get an urban and versatile cowboy look by changing our cowboy hat for a cap with a western-inspired design, accompanied by a printed t-shirt with Native American motifs, boot cut jeans like the ones you will find at Corbeto’s and our favorite boots. This outfit never goes out of style.
  • Spring and summer style: Caps are ideal as protection against the sun in the warm months, so they are ideal for a spring or summer style. You can combine a cap with jeans, chinos, linen or Bermuda shorts. Also, with a dress or a vaporous skirt, shorts, sandals and sunglasses, for a more refreshing look. You can also wear a cap with a swimsuit and a beach shirt for a relaxed holiday look.
  • Urban casual style: You can combine a cap with a bomber jacket, a basic t-shirt, jeans and cowboy ankle boots for a casual and urban look with a sporty touch. 

Remember that the key to wearing a stylish cap is to make sure it complements your outfit and reflects your own personal style: find the perfect cap right now at Corbeto’s, and start experimenting with creating different styles with an genuine western and biker caps, imported from the USA.



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