Rock bandanas & rockabilly: the essential accessory in spring

The bandana is an iconic accessory in cowboy, rocker and rockabilly looks, although for years it has been incorporated into practically any casual and urban styling.

This charismatic scarf was worn a garment that had apurely practical function to protect itself from dust or sun in the countryside or in rugged environments. At present, the bandana scarf is still used as a functional garment when necessary, but above all, as an accessory that highlights many outfits.

In cowboy, rocker, biker or rockabilly looks, the bandana has been a distinctive element for decades, and its use has become a tradition.

Tied to the neck, wrist, to protect from dust or on the head, the bandana adds a touch of color and style that complements a leather jacket, jeans or a plaid shirt, for example, which gives the look a more personal and distinctive touch. And to dance line dance, the bandana is as fundamental as cowboy boots or cowboy hat.

In this article we are going to explain some curiosities of the bandanas, that small accessory that provides both functionality and style and authenticity.


The bandana in the western

The bandana has been an iconic element in the Western genre since its inception. In the early days of the American Wild West, cowboys and cattlemen used bandanas as a practical way to protect themselves from dust and sun on dusty roads and deserts.

But over time, the bandana became a key element in western clothing. Cowboy and rancher characters in movies and TV series wore bandanas in different shapes and styles, allowing them to show their individual personality and style.

Bandanas in the western used to be red or blue, and were often worn on the neck or head as a way to protect oneself from the sun and dust, or to cover the mouth and nose in times of need. In some western films, the characters also wore bandanas as a way to hide their identity during muggings and ambushes.

The bandana has arguably been an important element in Western culture, both as a practical accessory and as a style statement that endures today.


How to wear bandana in a rocker look

A rock look is characterized by being daring, rebellious and full of attitude, and usually includes clothing and accessories with elements that evoke the style and attitude of rock ‘n’ roll. Leather clothes, t-shirts, jeans, biker boots Accessories are an important part of a rocker look, such as caps, which are now a strong trend in different styles besides the rock thrush, sunglasses, and the inevitable bandana. Some ways to wear it in a rocker look would be:

  1. On the head: A classic way to wear the bandana in a rock look is to wear it as a headband. Tie the top behind the head and leave the tips hanging down on the nape of the neck. You can also use it by wrapping the bandana around your head like a turban.
  • On the neck: Another way to incorporate the bandana into a rocker look is to tie it around your neck like a scarf: it looks great with a leather jacket, a denim jacket or a basic shirt.
  • On the wrist: Wrap the bandana around your wrist to use it as an additional accessory that will complement your rock look.
  • In the bag: Another option is to tie the bandana around the strap of your bag to give it a touch of color and style.

You can always have fun experimenting with different ways to wear your bandana and the ideal is that you have several, such as those you will find in the collection of bandanas that we offer you at Corbeto’s.


What is the origin of wearing bandana on your wrist?

Wearing a bandana on your wrist also has a practical and functional origin. Originally, the bandana was a garment worn by workers in different industries, such as agriculture, construction, and mining, to wipe sweat from the forehead and nape.

However, over time, the bandanaalsobecame a popular fashion accessory, and young people began to wear them around the neck, head and wrist as a style statement and a way to highlight their individuality.

In the context of hip hop and skateboarding culture, wearing a bandana on your wrist became a popular trend in the1980s. Skaters and rappers began wearing bandanas on the wrist as a way to show their loyalty to a group or gang, and as an eye-catching accessory to complement their style.

Nowadays, wearing a bandana on your wrist has become a way to add a touch of color and style to an outfit, andcan also serve as a practical accessory in case of need.


How toincorporate a bandana into a rockabilly look?

The bandana is an iconic element of the rockabilly style, and can be incorporated in several ways to achieve an authentic look, such as:

  • On the head: A classic way to wear the bandana in a rockabilly look is to place it on the head, tying the top behind the head and leaving the tips down the neck. This can be done with loose hair or pulled back in a low bun.
  • On the neck: Another popular way to wear the bandana is by tying it around the neck, like a handkerchief. You can wear it with a button-down shirt or T-shirt, or even under a leather jacket.
  • In the back pocket: A more subtle way to incorporate the bandana is to carry it in the back pocket of your jeans, as cowboys did in the wild west.
  • In the wrist: You can also wear the bandana rolled up on your doll, as an additional accessory to complement your rockabilly look.

Be sure to choose a bandana with a striking and colorful print to give that authentic rockabilly touchto your outfit.


Famous people with bandana

There are many famous people who are fond of wearing bandanas, such as:

  • Tupac Shakur: The late rapper was known for wearing bandanas on his head and wrist in many of his music videos and live performances.
  • Bret Michaels: The frontman of the rock band Poison is known for his bandana style on his head.
  • Axl Rose: The Guns N’ Roses frontman often wore bandanas on his head and wrist in the 80s and 90s.
  • David Beckham: The former British footballer has frequently been seen wearing bandanas as a fashion accessory.
  • Steven Tyler: el cantante de Aerosmith es conocido por sus extravagantes atuendos en el escenario, que a menudo incluyen una bandana en la cabeza.
  • Rihanna: la cantante y empresaria es aficionada a llevar bandanas en la cabeza y en la muñeca como parte de sus looks de moda.
  • Beyoncé: The American singer-songwriter, producer, actress, director, designer and entrepreneur loves bandana scarves on her head and neck.
  • Jennifer Lopez: the American actress, singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, designer and businesswoman, does not resist incorporating the bandana in different ways in some of her outfits.

These are just some examples of famous people who have worn or often wear bandanas scarves, because the list of celebrities fond of this timeless accessory is endless. 

The bandana in the biker look

This small cotton garment is another of the iconic accessories in the world of bikers for decades. In the context of the biker look, in addition to its practical function, the bandana has also become a key element of this style.

Bikers often wear bandanas on their heads, around their necks or on their wrists, and tend to have a predilection for dark ones, especially black skull-patterned bandanas.

In biker culture, the bandana has also been used as a way to show loyalty to a club or a group of colleagues who share the same passion for motorcycles. In short, the bandana is an essential part of biker styling and is used both for its practical function and for its aesthetic and identity value. If you are looking to give a biker touch to your outfit, do not hesitate to add a bandana to complete your look. 

And if what you are looking for is simply a complement that also fits perfectly with the boho-chic and urban cowboy style, so fashionable, you cannot miss some bandana in your wardrobe, especially those with paisley prints.

In Corbeto’s you will find a collection of bananas and scarves of the best quality, Made in USA and at an irresistible price: surely, you will not settle for just one. There will be plenty of occasions to show off your bandana, especially now, with the beginning of spring. What are you waiting for to choose and wear it?



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