How to properly wash your jeans

If there is a garment you can almost find in any wardrobe, probably you will think about jeans. For more than a half century, denim jeans have been our top-notch clothing for many reasons: their versatility, their great durability or their great adaptation into the new fashion trends.

Maybe denim trousers are still one of the most durable and comfy garments nowadays. It also matches with any outfit you can have in mind, but they might require a special care to show them as good as new.

Therefore, a priority on jean’s washing is to wisely know how to launder the denim fabric so your trousers will look awesome.

Jeans washing and drying: a step-by-step guide.

We must pay some attention to our jeans before washing them. You may find a lot of theories about the right way to wash your jeans, but which is the correct one?

Having an accurate knowledge on how to adequately conserve your denim jeans clothes can help to extend their lifespan for years or even decades. If you want to discover, once and for all, how to correctly launder your favorite denim trousers in the washing machine, follow these simple steps and keep them clean, just like the day you bought them.

Read carefully fabric’s care label

Make sure to check jeans’ care label before laundering them. We highly suggest to wash separately for the first time, in order to avoid the dye transfer.

Turn jeans inside out

If your denim jeans can be laundered in the washing machine, turn them inside out first. In this way, the denim fabric won’t wear down so much.

Use cold water and washing powder to wash your jeans

Washing powders can help to keep jeans’ quality by avoiding any kind of discoloration. We also suggest washing them with cold water together with other dark clothes.

Jeans’ drying

Following fabric’s care label for drying instructions is also a key to extend our jeans’ lifespan.

Normally, if jeans are slightly moist after using a tumble drier or a specific drying program, they will enjoy a longer life. Then, flatten up as you need and let them dry in a flat surface or in a hanger.

We recommend you to wash your denim jeans after three or four uses to feel them tight as long as possible.

Hand washing: a less abrasive way to take care of your jeans

In a long term, washing machines might damage our clothes, and especially denim clothes. Hand washing will help to long lasting all your garments. 

Again, looking fabric’s care label will be the simplest way to know if any clothing can be handwashed. Are you willing to know how to handwash your jeans? Just follow the further steps and keep them like brand new.

Fill up your bath or sink with cold or hot water.

First of all, you must check the care label to find the correct temperature. Then, plunge your jeans with enough water to soak them.

Add detergent to water

Use a small quantity of liquid detergent or washing powder and stir it up well with your hand. 

Immerse your denim jeans into the water and move them a couple minutes. Let act the detergent for 15-30 minutes.

Drain off all unclean water

Remove all unclean water and after this, fill up again the bath or sink with more water. Let them soak for another 5-10 minutes. Still move them to dissolve all remaining dirt and detergent off your denim jeans.

Drying your handwashed jeans

Drain all water from the jeans, first hanging them up and then wringing the legs. Always check the fabric care label, if another way to do this is recommended.

Tips and advises for keeping your jeans like first day.

Hang up the jeans

A secret to extend of a pair of jeans’ lifespan after each launder is hanging them, clipped or rolled, when are coming back to your wardrobe. Doing this, the tightened denim fibers will recover again from the last use, especially on the knees and thighs.

Wash your jeans only if needed

In the long run, the centrifugation program in any washing machine will erode the denim fabric of your trousers, shortening their use. If the choice can be made, we suggest to handwash your jeans.

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