This is how María Pombo and fashion experts combine dresses with ‘cowboy’ boots in spring

Cowboy boots are a strong trend in women fashion from a couple of years ago, and it looks to remain much more than this. Still in 2021, western boots continue to be an object of desire for many ladies, and several high couture are still including them in their newest collections and fashion shows. Both cowgirl style boots and ankle boots have become a preferred basic cloth for many Spanish influencers like María Pombo.

What is the secret of the success of cowboy boots? Maybe because they can match really well and jeans, trousers, dresses and skirts, slenderize your legs and have a comfortable heel, never go out of fashion… In fact, it doesn’t sound strange to us that western boots are a great asset for all kind of brands, from fast fashion to the most recognized European and American ateliers, and also for the most followed influencers worldwide.

At Corbeto’s our new catalog, and our cowboy boots, are ready to shine under the spring sun. Let’s see what the fashion experts have to say this season.




The winning match: a dress with cowboy boots

María Pombo, one of the most popular influencers in Spain, credited by Forbes magazine as the best influencer in 2020, is the torchbearer of the combo western boots and dress.

With more than 1.6 million of followers in Instagram, plus 250k subscribers in her YouTube channel and many more in her TikTok account, María’s popularity can stop growing, as does her number of fans. With 25 years, her natural talent for communication is undeniable: probably it runs in the family, full of renowned writers and journalists.

From all influencers, María probably has been the fashionista that made popular this already iconic combination starred by a pair of western boots. You can choose from a broad variety of dresses for this kind of boots: floral, boho, plain colored, knitted…

In other words, cowboy boots almost match with any kind of dress, no matter the color, print design, length and fit.

Albeit when cowgirl boots trend started, printed long or short dressed were the most seen ones, now we can see a lot a ground-breaking inspirations between so many influencers. So take note on that: what it makes beautiful the dress is to choose the right pair of boots.



Some examples to make the right choice

As an example, red cowboy boots are going to add a drop of passion to your white and red printed dresses, but you can double the bet if you go for red leather ankle boots as well. Also white dresses with black dots will look nice with these boots.


Another fashionist symbol this spring-summer season will be white cowboy boots. Their effect with tanned legs is awesome, and fashion connoisseurs recommend to wear them with long dresses with an open wide front, both plain or printed, and in colors that highlight suntanned skin, such as yellow, light blue or red.



Following the color palette, now it’s time for blue: try with this blue leather Sendra cowgirl boots with an outfit like a miniature printed dress in colors like white, navy blue or yellow, but also with a short or midi shirtdress.


And if you love fringes, this will never look outdated: match a pair of fringed brown boots or ankle boots with an ecru plain dress with a wide belt over.


Brown suede high leg openwork boots, combined with a short yellow, navy blue or in both colors will be another must in your closet for this 2021 SS season.

And if you love a full and daring colour combination in your boots, try with those turquoise green Sendra model and a plain white, black or denim shirtdress.


Starting from the point you love cowboy boots and dress, you will always make the best choice, no matter which is your style. Also, one of our specializations at our online shop is in women western boots, so you reach the right place. We show you the most amazing and exclusive designs in western fashion from the most recognized brands, such as Sendra Boots, Mayura, Corral Boots, Circle G Boots or Old West.

High or low leg, with classic snip or Mexican toe with Cuban heel, knee-high boots with rounded toe, medium leg and with high heel… We can’t stop naming our full variety of ladies cowboy boots. And remember we offer, besides the best designs, a superior quality in all materials used, starting from the durability and comfort of all leathers used, easy-going even with the most delicate feet

Some of our models are already made with very smooth leathers to help with the fitting, and also they include cushioned insoles. Because when you fall in love with a pair of cowgirl boots, and you feel comfortable, we hardly expect you won’t take them off.




Corbeto's Boots

Bota cowboy Sendra con flecos color marrón miel para mujer

Corbeto's Boots

Botas Sendra caña baja para mujer piel suave estilo serraje tacón alto

Corbeto's Boots

Bota western caña baja Sendra para mujer con orejera y piel serpiente azul

Corbeto's Boots

Botas moda vaquera de tacón alto para mujer Sendra serraje marrón canela

Corbeto's Boots

Bota western beige Corral Boots para mujer con bordado floral blanco

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