Jeans accessories that cannot be missing in your suitcase this vacation

Prepare your suitcase in summertime usually should mean you’re going to start a holiday trip. And well, we all suppose we’re going to disconnect from our everyday during a few days or weeks, but in the meanwhile we might get a bit stressed while checking we’re bringing all what we need and we aren’t forgetting anything.

Particularly during ‘luggage time’, when we tend sometimes to overstock our suitcase in excess stuffing clothes that you won’t wear or keep away important clothes and realizing it later, at your destination. Did you experience anything of this at least once?

To make you things easier, today we will suggest the best western accessories that must be in your suitcase on summer holidays, and also some tips to pack it everything in a nimbly and easy way. In this way you will keep your energies for later: while enjoying your well-deserved vacation time.


Picture yourself planning what you love to do

Enjoying in first place your holidays in your mind doesn’t make you delirious but intuitive & Smart. Making an overview of your holiday plans such as: going to the beach, walking the city’s streets as a tourist, riding a horse, having a walk in the mountains, assist to a line dance music festival… What it’s inside your suitcase should mostly fit what you planned to do during these days, and also depending on the number of days you will be away.


Don’t take off your hat

One of the biggest pros of western accessories is how they adapt to multiple styles while being very comfortable to wear. Remember also that with warm weather it’s even needed to protect your head from the sun, something that all cowboy straw hats will do in an excellent and stylish way, wherever you are. You can easily use any of our western hats in the beach, the countryside, the city or in a music fest.


Never forget your belt

If you visualize a belt as something more than a leather strip to cinch your trousers, this accessory will be the greatest addition to your outfit. Cowboy belts will enhance your shape and make an instant impact to your look, outstanding yourself from the rest of people. Just a few accessories can make a difference this big than a western belt, and you have an easy way to agree with us: build a new outfit from scratch, first without a belt and after a while, wearing it on.

Cowboy belts with exchangeable buckles are the peak in western belts, like the ones you will find at Corbeto’s: you will save a lot of space in your suitcase just carrying with yourself a single western belt but with various buckles to choose, depending on what are you going to wear. Take into account that besides jeans and trousers, a western style belt would look great with all kind of dresses as well.


Multiple ways to wear a bandanna

Sometimes we can’t still believe a ‘simple’ piece of printed cotton can make so many things for us. Bandannas are a wild card that will help you improve your style, and you will have the chance to show off your creativity in several ways. During the day you can improvise a cool headband, make a knot to have a ponytail or just cover all your hair in a pirate style; when the night goes in, you can make a wristband from your bandanna or knot it a fancy way from your purse’s handle.

A couple bandannas can be stored in your suitcase, we’re pretty sure you will give a chance for them. Also you will find many styles and colors available at Corbeto’s Boots online shop, being all of them very cheap and made in the USA!


Cotton western T-shirts

To dress in a more casual way but still keeping it cowboy, you should have some cotton short sleeve shirts in your luggage, being the most comfortable, breathable and possibly flattering summer clothing. All our western style tee shirts for men and women available at Corbeto’s Boots have some original drawn printings heavily inspired in the country and American culture. They’re all made in the USA 100% with cotton and the quality jumps out at you.


Cowboy jeans: always say yes

Denim jeans are by fare the most versatile, resisting and comfortable trousers ever. You won’t find any single cloth that doesn’t fit with some good jeans, in the morning and at night. This is the reason we give you to add at least a jean in your baggage. And if you need special bootcut jeans for cowboy boots, at Corbeto’s Boots shop you will find wide leg denim jeans for boots from the brands J.L. Fox and Lois Jeans.


The genuine cowboy shirt

Another basic clothing not only in your wardrobe but also when you’re temporary leaving home to enjoy your free time. Most people don’t realize this, but a western shirt can fit in many different situations and outfits; just the same as with jeans, the other clothes you’ll wear will define the kind of cowboy shirt you might wear. That’s why having at least a couple Mexican cowboy shirts folded in your suitcase will help you to achieve the best looks.

If you love classic western shirts, at Corbeto’s Boots you can check out for more than 70 different models for men and women, with long or short sleeves: take your time and find the one that could join you these holidays.

So far, these are all our suggestions about western accessories you can store right now in your suitcase, as you won’t regret having them packed for any of your days enjoying of yourself and your family & friends outside your city or country. And if you visit our online shop, even you can find something else we forgot to add today, you’re still on time. Happy Holidays to everyone!



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Sombrero cowboy blanco clásico unisex con cinta marrón bicolor y conchos grandes

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Camisa western negra Ranger's con ribetes y botones rojos

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Tejanos Lois Jeans corte recto para hombre color azul medio

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Pañuelo americano color granate

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Camiseta amarilla rodeo americano para hombre y mujer

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Cinturón moda vaquera para mujer cuero cobrizo con hebilla y tachuelas color turquesa

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