News in denim belts: trends and brands

A good western belt is an investment in quality, style and functionality.  This accessory, a must-have in any closet, has evolved to offer you not only practicality, but to be able to transform any look. By choosing a western belt like the ones you’ll find at Corbeto’s, you are opting for one of the most important accessories in existence, one that will accompany you for many years to come and will bring you comfort, durability and unmistakable style.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of our new western belts and the most recognized brands we trust at Corbeto’s.

Leather cowboy belts: a classic revisited

Leather belts never go out of style, and every season they arrive with a new twist. Distressed finishes and handcrafted details, such as visible stitching and elaborate buckles, are all the rage. These belts, in addition to being durable and versatile, add a rustic, authentic touch that complements both casual and more formal looks.

One example can be found among our new arrivals: a two-tone brown leather western belt from Original Belts for men and women. Its design combines a predominantly dark tone with overlapping wavy edges in a lighter color, and decorative conchos that add a distinctive touch. The classic metal buckle is interchangeable, allowing you to change the buckle in seconds and customize your style with any of your favorite buckles.


Novedades en cinturones vaqueros: tendencias y marcas

Innovation and creativity with striking leathers

If you are looking to stand out, belts covered with colorful skins bring a touch of originality and modernity. Our proposal? The natural python belt with large snakeskin buckle, by Original Belts, for men and women. This distinctive and elegant piece, made with a double layer of cowhide leather, is covered with genuine python back leather in a natural black and white tone. The buckle is interchangeable thanks to its snap button system, allowing you to attach any of your other buckles in a matter of seconds and customize your style to your liking.

Double buckled belts

Ranger style belts are known for their double buckling system: first, the leather back piece is passed through the pin, and then the buckle is fastened in the corresponding hole, thus ensuring a firm and secure fit. Like Ariat’s ranger-style western belt with cowboy print, designed for men and women, made of light brown cowhide leather and embellished with white stitching and a classic floral print. The buckle is secured with a snap button for easy replacement.

Belts with symmetrical cutouts

Belts with various symmetrical cut-outs in the leather allow the fabric of the pants to show through, giving a fresh feel and integrating perfectly into your look. Like the Ariat unisex brown belt with western engraving, another of our most recent novelties.  This belt features a large metal buckle with beautiful floral engravings, which is interchangeable thanks to its snap button system.

Arial Western Belts

Arial Belts founders Pam Parker and Beth Cross, inspired by the legendary racehorse Secretariat, founded the brand in 1992. Since then, Ariat has established itself as one of the most iconic and sought-after brands in the world of cowboy and equestrian boots, shirts, cowboy belts and cowboy accessories for men and women, offering diverse lines ranging from the most traditional western aesthetic to the most innovative denim fashion designs.

At Corbeto’s Boots, we exclusively present a selection from the American collection of Ariat engraved leather belts and cowboy buckles.  These unique designs are deeply related to the cowboy world and stand out for their high quality embossing. Discover them in our catalog.

Nocona Western Belts

With more than half a century of experience, Nocona Belts offers an extensive range of leather western belts for men and women, and Corbeto’s Boots is their exclusive official distributor in Spain. Whether you are looking for a smooth and resistant belt, an oiled one with western

engravings, with studs, glitter and embroidery, or the classic narrower Rangers belts with double buckle system and small engraved buckle, Nocona Belts has all this and more, always at the best price. Discover it now in our online store

Original Belts Western Belts

At Corbeto’s you will also find an impressive collection of Original Belts leather belts, completely handcrafted. These unique designs combine cowboy style with the latest fashion trends, making them ideal for everyday wear. Original Belts leather belts for men and women are made in Spain using special leathers such as goat, snake, cow, crocodile, lizard and even real cow hair. These materials create visually appealing belts that are appreciated by both cowboy and biker style lovers, as well as those who prefer a more casual look.

Find your style at Corbeto’s Boots

At Corbeto’s we are committed to offering you the best options in western belts that reflect the latest trends and the highest quality. The aforementioned brands are not the only ones that appear in our belt catalog: we also have the equally prestigious Star & Stripes, whose main distributor in Spain we have been for more than 20 years, or the Spanish brand Sendra Boots, which although it is known worldwide for its cowboy boots, also manufactures cowboy belts of excellent quality and very attractive designs.

So now you know: Whether you’re looking for an understated western belt, an innovative design or an eye-catching buckle, we have something for you. Discover our collection of belts and buckles now and find the perfect accessory to complete your look. Follow us so you don’t miss out on Corbeto’s Boots news and take your style to the next level, we’re waiting for you!

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Cinturón pitón natural con hebilla grande piel de serpiente

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Cinturón piel cocodrilo marrón artesanal

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Cinturón vaquero Sendra modelo 7606 Evolution Tang cuero natural con conchos

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Cinturón blanco country Sendra con piel de pitón y chapas cabeza de vaca

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Cinturón western unisex Ariat cuero marrón natural con grabado volutas

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Cinturón Stars & Stripes cuero natural relieve floral con detalles turquesa para mujer

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