Tips to wear cowboy boots in summer

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your style and dare to try new combinations. One of the fashion trends that stays true year after year is the cowboy boot, even in summer.  And not just for line dancing sessions or summer country festivals, but for your everyday life.

Although at first glance they may seem more appropriate for autumn or winter, with the right tricks, cowboy boots and ankle boots are a spectacular addition to your summer wardrobe. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to wear your cowboy boots when the heat arrives in a comfortable and stylish way.

Consejos para lucir botas cowboy en verano

Choose the right material

Cowboy boots come in a variety of materials, from traditional leather to lighter, more breathable versions. For summer, opt for boots in soft, supple leather, lightweight split leather or even perforated options that allow for better air circulation. These materials are not only cooler, but also add a more casual and attractive touch to your look.

Combine them with light clothing

Summer is crying out for cool, lightweight fabrics. Pair your cowboy boots with jeans, cotton chino trousers, or with dresses or skirts in linen, cotton or chiffon for a feminine, bohemian look. Denim shorts are another great ally; combined with a denim or basic T-shirt or a light blouse, they will create a casual, summery look. Short skirts, especially A-line skirts, are also a great option to balance the personality of the boots.

Go for summer colours

While classic cowboy boots in shades of brown and black are versatile and go with everything, feel free to experiment with lighter, more vibrant colours for summer. Boots in beige, white or even with colourful details can add a fresh twist to your outfit. Plus, lighter colours reflect the sun better and bring more freshness.

Opt for the right accessories

Accessories can make a big difference to your summer look with cowboy boots. A wide-brimmed cowboy hat, chic sunglasses and a soft leather bag can perfectly complement your style.

Cowboy belts with western detailing are also a great addition to give your outfit more coherence.

Take care of your boots

Summer can be hard on leather, especially due to the heat and sweat. Make sure you keep your boots in good condition by cleaning them regularly and using specific products to protect leather. At Corbeto’s we also offer a wide range of products for shoe cleaning, care and maintenance: moisturising creams, cleaning foams, waterproofing sprays, stain remover rubbers, polishing sponges, and more.


Consejos para lucir botas cowboy en verano

Play with styles

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your wardrobe. Experiment by combining your cowboy boots with different styles. For example, a country chic look with a lace blouse and a denim skirt, or a more urban look with a graphic tee and chinos or even leather shorts. The possibilities are endless: now more than ever, cowboy boots can be adapted to many different outfits, dare to create them!

Don’t forget about comfort

Comfort is key, especially in summer when temperatures rise. All the cowboy boots and ankle boots that you will find at Corbeto ‘s, offer you unbeatable quality, comfort, good support and cushioning for your feet. And you can always count on us to advise you on the type of boots that best suit you.

Another very practical option to combat excess moisture on the feet are the special boot socks that you will find in our accessories section. The importance of boot socks is due to the fact that wearing other socks that are too short or have a high synthetic content can cause friction and poor breathability, making it difficult to remove your boots due to the moisture in the sock. Our special mid-height socks for all types of boots are made with highly breathable cotton, have elastic reinforcement at the heel and toe, and a fully cushioned sole. Designed for a firm and very comfortable fit over the instep, these socks make it remarkably easy to put on and take off boots, and offer greater durability compared to sports or dress socks.

Consejos para lucir botas cowboy en verano

Get a unique and attractive look

Cowboy boots are undoubtedly a surprisingly versatile and stylish addition to your summer wardrobe. By following these tips, you can wear them with confidence and comfort, creating unique, eye-catching looks that will turn heads – and last for years to come! Always remember to choose the right materials, combine them with light garments, play with colours and, above all, prioritise comfort. Don’t settle for just any pair of boots: if they’re from Corbeto ‘s, you’ll be sure to get it right, we’ve been specialists for over 60 years.

Feel free to experiment with your summer style, and for more inspiration and to find a wide selection of cowboy boots and ankle boots, don’t hesitate to visit Corbeto’s Boots or come to our physical shop: we are waiting for you to help you find the perfect boots for this summer!


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