Ranger’s: 35 years bringing the Mexican shirt to the world

In words of Ranger’s owner, they like to define themselves as ‘100% Jaliscian’, remaining faithful to their roots. This company was founded in Jalisco, the Mexican western free state well-known by mariachis, tequila and their capital city, Guadalajara, in 1985 by Roberto Santana and Eva Muñoz, his wife.

From their beginnings, the couple Santana-Muñoz had a clear target: create a western and classic charro fashion enterprise with the highest quality standards and a worldwide projection. All of this with a very important additional detail: the business will be always underpinned in an ethical, social, economic and environmental commitment. They were looking high, but instead they reach the stars.

Now Ranger’s is turning 35 years old bringing all kind of Mexican shirts all around the world, exporting to more than 30 different countries, being Corbeto’s the only authorized reseller in Spain. Their presence in important international exhibitions and the obtaining of different reputate awards are just some examples of what this brand, proud of his values, has reap during his history.


At Corbeto’s we’re pleased that Ranger’s shirts have a leading position in our broad catalog. As could not be otherwise, the quality, design and details of their products makes them one of the most important companies into American western and charro fashion.


It is worth focusing on the company background to know better their work philosophy, because the ethical values can be attached into the fashion industry.



A brand who looks beyond fashion


Nowadays Ranger’s has its manufacturing plant in Tecolotlan, Jalisco, and they are proud of being one of the enterpises who create more jobs in the region. They started exporting back in 1991, registering their brand in 31 countries, with a strong commitment in a preferential use of Mexican produced raw material: fabrics, applets, threads…

More than 60% of their production is exported to other countries, with their corresponding origin certificates. Because one of the Ranger’s main values is to strongly commit with the needings of all parts involved, offering quality jobs and being respectful with the local environment.



Innovation and a continuous improving into the manufacturing and design systems is another permanent feature. In terms of trustworthiness, it deserves an entire chapter: Ranger’s publicly states his strict commitment to their code of ethics. The brand doesn’t pursue a recognizement just as quality ‘charro’ and cowboy clothing designers, but also for being a socially responsible company that achieves all their economic, environmental, social and ethical goals.

Can you ever have in mind that buying a Ranger’s shirt can involve so many things? Now you know any of their products goes beyond their outstanding design and quality: their genuineness begin from creating and applying their key brand values, finally materializing in a western clothing catalog that is truly appreciated in all continents. Already explained what is the method used by Ranger’s to be right now a successful company, let’s see what are the distinctive features of their shirts, many of which you can find at Corbeto’s online store.



Make yourself a cowboy or cowgirl


As Ranger’s stated while celebrating their 35 years of history producing Mexican shirts, most of the people will just consider the details in any kind of clothing. And these cowboy and cowgirl shirts have plenty of them, starting from the ones related to comfort: they are made with two thin layers of fabric to help perspiration, avoiding those unaesthetic sweat stains. And if Mexican cowboys wear these shirts at all seasons, it will be for some reason, right?

Another nice feature about all Ranger’s shirts is their tailored fit, which adjust to almost any kind of body fit, They suit really well even to large and tall people that otherwise not always are able to find garments to which they feel comfortable with. Also, as a good cowboy or cowgirl shirt should be, they include snap-on pearlized look buttons, functional smiley pockets and many different embroidery designs inspired in North American ancient tribes or actual fancy looks such as horses, eagles, horseshoes, cowboy hats or western scrolls in white, black, red, brown or navy blue.



In ladies Ranger’s shirts we should highlight some beautiful short sleeve and long sleeve clothes with floral embroideries and embedded crystals. Springtime, for example, is a great season to wear them with all kind of outfits.

With all of these choices it’s so easy to find a different Ranger’s shirt for any occasion, from formal to casual ones, whether for a country dancing class or professional performance, on festive celebrations, western riding exhibitions, genuine cowboy costumes for ad shootings and movies or a myriad of other situations; any of our Ranger’s shirt will give you a different glimpse of elegance or, in words of Ranger’s founder, an ‘appearance of untamed strength’. Will be exactly this strength that helped the company to do a great work for the last 35 years. Congratulations!




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