Carnival with a western look: a perfect authentic cowboy outfit

Dressing as a cowboy or cowgirl in Carnival time it’s always an interesting and creative idea, which is not requiring a complicated making up, except for finding some genuine western items and accessories, leading this way to create an unique and enjoyable party scenario to celebrate this cheerful day. Also you can organize in the same event some western-related games and activities to provide your guests a nice entertainment experience.

However, if your main plan for these Carnival days is having a real cowboy attire, then you may integrate many articles into your daily outfit when the celebration is over, as you can achieve an amazing look during all the year with other casual clothes and footwear. Having in mind that western wear and accessories are a global trend that started a few years ago, take into account that, at least for us, there is not such the concept of a “western costume”, as al lof our products are genuine American western items made and wore by real cowboys that in many cases are only available at Corbeto’s Boots store.


Western clothing versatility

You can wear all kind of western clothes at any time, from a countryside day with your family to an elegant night out, but also as your regular office suit clothes. Most of actual cowboy garments have a fusion of traditional & modern elements, which is successfully bringing back a timeless fashionable style that looks good both on men and women. When we talk about western clothes, you should think about shirts, jeans, boots, hats, belts and other accessories that you can easily match in many ways to create your very own look.

Perhaps what made cowboy fashion to accomplish a global audience is a combination of various aspects, including how these clothes are strongly associated to recall those adventure and freedom feelings bound to the western lifestyle. The fact that many recognized top high fashion designers and brands are creating cowboy style collections or getting inspired in classic western clothes and jewels helped as well to make raise its popularity amongst younger people. In Corbeto’s online catalogue we can name some of the most important western brands in Europe and North America such as: Sendra Boots, Stars and Stripes, Ranger’s, Mayura, JL Fox, Bullhide Hats, Corral Boots, Montana Silversmiths and many more.


Ideas for a genuine western costume look

Below you’ll find a complete 100% detailed cowboy outfit, made up just with Corbeto’s Boots articles that you can buy at our online store or at our Barcelona’s street shop. In other words: let’s see how a real western outfit is made.

  • Classic cowboy shirt with bib: probably the first garment you’ll associate with the idea of “being western”, mainly seen in cowboy movies, western live shows and historical recreations. Beside this, if you love this original style, these quality cotton canvas clothes have a great resilience to tear and wear, so you can keep it with yourself for a long time.

  • Bootcut jeans: regarding to cowboy boots, not all jeans will fit properly on your legs. That’s because the leg end must be wider in order to wear your boots in a more comfortable way. All Lois blue denim straight jeans available at Corbeto’s Boots are light, elastic, resistant and fit nice in all body types.


  • Decorative boot straps: change for better your boots with a pair of removable leather straps. Usually these accessories are decorated with conchos, stars, studs and other metallic details to make your boots look amazing with definitely a strong cowboy attitude.

  • Metallic boot caps: another personal and western touch that will protect your boot tips from worn out and improve their look so much.

  • Western belts: take a look, for example, at this unisex Ariat brown tooled leather belt, also with an engraved buckle included. What makes special all of our cowboy belts is how easy is to replace buckles with their snap buttons, so you can have various looks in one.

  • Sheriff badge: clip a genuine sheriff star in your jacket or hat whenever you want, and after using it, you can still keep an original western collectible produced in Spain by Denix.

  • Holster with cartridge belt: to draw in a safe and stylish way your 45. western revolver. this genuine cowboy belt handmade in Mexico with genuine tooled cow leather works as a gun holster, keeping in the left side up to 18 45. caliber bullets.

  • Colt pistol replica: a great reproduction based on the famous 45. caliber Colt Peacemaker six-shooter. All the firearm replicas available at Corbeto’s are amazing cowboy collectible pieces used for decoration, in elaborated Far West reenactments, film shootings, photo sessions and top-tier western costumes.

  • American bandannas: in burgundy, with the traditional paisley print and 100% cotton made, it’s a mandatory accessory that should be added in a perfect cowboy outfit.

  • Western classic brown hat: made with hardened wool felt and with a short curved brim, is one of the main elements needed in a proper western attire. Our suggestion is from Bullhide Hats, adorned with a thin brown leather band with small attached stars and diamond-shape studs. A magnificent hat that meet the expectations of a complete cowboy look.

These are just a few suggestions to help you a little bit and serve you as a guidance. Anyway, at our online store and at our street shop located in Barcelona you will find hundreds of other clothes, boots and accessories added to the ones shown in this article, to achieve the best western outfits for men and women in 2023 Carnivals.




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