Sendra Boots: cowboy boots with unique details

If you like good footwear and cowboy boots in particular, you probably already know Sendra Boots, a Spanish brand specialising in high quality western style boots and ankle boots. Its extensive collection of designs for men and women is characterised by craftmanship, attention to detail and the use of a wide variety of leathers and shapes. The brand has been internationally recognised for the design, quality and durability of its products, and is especially popular among western style lovers and bikers. 

But Sendra Boots also stands out for other things, such as some exclusive details that differentiate it from other brands and that we are going to show you in this article. Because at Corbeto’s we have been Sendra Boots dealers for more than 40 years, and we know perfectly everything you need to know about this brand. Today we would like to share it with you.


The importance of the last

The last is a key piece in footwear manufacture, as it determines its shape and comfort level. It is the template used to shape the shoe and adapt it to the anatomy of the foot. The importance of the last lies in the fact that a shoe with a good last provides a better fit and comfort to the foot, avoiding chafing and other skin problems, as well as making the boot aesthetically and visually mor attractive.

It can also affect feet’s health, as a bad last can cause deformities or pain in the plantar area, among other problems.

This means that the use of a proper last is essential to ensure a good fit and comfort in footwear, as well as being key to achieve a trully attractive footwear, what means a better experience for the wearer. 

The “Cuervo” last and the “Ibiza” heel: the details that distinguish Sendra Boots

Having made clear the importance of the last, it is worth mentioning the exclusivity of some models from botas cowboy Sendra Boots: we are referring to the CUERVO last by Sendra Boots, famous and popular among western boot lovers.

This last is characterised by a very pointed and slightly raised toe, which makes it ideal for boots, ankle boots and cowboy shoes with a pointed toe. If you are also a fan of the most genuine Sendra cowboy boots with snip toe, you will love to discover at Corbeto’s catalogue the variety of Sendra Boots models that we offer, many of them with the famous CUERVO last, which is a guaratee of comfort and protection for your feet.

And to complement a special last,there is nothing better than a hell that is also special, such as the Ibiza heel on cowboy boots, exclusive to Sendra Boots. The shape of this heel is very slanted, in the style of Mexican heels, and this detail is also very much appreciated by lovers of this style of boots. Together with the use of IBIZA lat, they create a very powerful and iconic desing in the history of Sendra Boots.

If you have ever wondered why there is a peculiar shape to the slanted heel of cowboy boots, there is a reason for it. First of all, the slant of the heel helps to keep the foot in the right position in the stirrup while riding. In addition, the height and shape of the heel can influence the rider’s comfort and balance when riding. But also because the design of the heel is a distinctive feature of cowboy boots, which is very important for the overall style and aesthetics of the boot, even when not riding a horse.

Fall in love with the Sendra Boots that will find at Corbeto’s

If you are reading this, you probably love cowboy boots and appreciate Sendra Boots creations: at Corbeto’s you will find the most outstanding models of the brand, and not only cowboy boots but also other styles such as biker boots y lace-up boots.  We also offer Sendra Boots accessories such as belts, wallets or accessories for boots such as boot chains, boot tips and heel guards, all of them with the high quality and irresistible design that characterises the brand.

We can say that at Corbeto’s we are a reference for Sendra Boots in Barcelona, but we also ship to the rest of Spain, as well as to the United States, United Kingdom and many other countries. So, if you would like to get a pair of boots from this legendary  brand, you have come to the right place: Corbeto’s Boots, the best boots, without borders.


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Cartera motorista con cadena Sendra cuero envejecido y piel de pitón

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Cinturón cowboy cuero negro Sendra con hebilla y detalles calavera vaca americana

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Bota cowboy Sendra unisex piel engrasada marrón combinada

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Botas vaqueras para hombre Sendra piel desgastada roja y azul

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Bota cowboy Sendra para mujer combinación piel vacuno blanca y serpiente

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Botin Sendra punta cuadrada cuero marrón con arnés para hombre

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