Valentine cowboy, rockabilly or biker: find your gift

In February’s calendar there’s at least one day no one should forget about: Valentine’s Day. It’s a very popular celebration as it’s closely related to love and romance, two universal feelings that will be always relevant to all human beings. Even for the apparently “toughest” hearts that in deep, are the most wholehearted and warmest ones.

The fact is that over the centuries, this tradition from far away in time never was lost, but over the years many civilizations and cultures adopted this celebration in their own traditions, creating this way a stronger spreading. Obviously, the best way to enjoy February’s 14th is exchanging gifts to our loved ones as a way to show your deep affection and our best feelings for them, because Valentine’s Day isn’t just a couples day, it’s the day of love and friendship for everyone.

That’s why at Corbeto’s we love so much that day, and also this year we want to dedicate another article to Lovers’ Day, but this time, besides showing you our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men and women, we will tell you how people enjoys the Day of Love in different places and countries worldwide.


How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Europe, America and Asia

All began during the Roman empire, with the celebration of Lupercalia’s festival in February to honor Cupid, the Roman god of love. Over the time, this pagan celebration was replaced to honor Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr that was later associated with love and friendship. In the Middle Age, it began the tradition of sending love messages and giving handmade gifts to the beloved and closest people in Valentine’s Day as a display of affection, something that is still very alive today.

Valentine’s Day is already celebrated all around the globe, however, depending on the country, we may find some slightly changes in the way we enjoy Lovers Day with our partner, family & friends.

USA and other English-speaking countries: usually love cards are given, along with flowers, chocolates and jewels.

France: it’s a very important day for couples, usually romantic dinners are arranged along with elaborated gifts.

Italy: the main city where Valentine’s Day is celebrated is in Verona, where it is believed that Romeo and Juliet lived their forbidden love. A big celebration is organized at the city’s square and love letters & message are given between the lovers.

Japan: women use to give chocolates to their partners, friends and coworkers on Valentine’s Day. On March 14th, one month later, men reply with special gifts and surprises.

Spain:En España: it’s celebrated mainly with intimate dinners and all kind of presents. Also public love demonstrations are made, with romantic walks and kisses in public.

These are just some examples of how Valentine’s Day, or Lovers’ Day, is enjoyed in different places, and how a tradition may change depending on the region and local culture. But generally speaking, this celebration has strong bounds with love and romanticism, which is shown with gifts and sweet gestures towards your wife, husband, partner and your beloved ones.

Our 2023 Valentine’s Day western, rockabilly and biker gifts

Western wear shows a casual, smooth and timeless style for all ages. Rockabilly clothes show a rebel and wacky look with a supreme love for the 50’s American music and culture. And biker clothes represent a strong, brave and free spirit, with a life based on motorcycles and feeling free on the road.

Three different styles, but many things in common: freedom, a rebel touch and big passion in their beliefs. Is this passion vibing in the same wave than this very special person you love and going to surprise on Valentine’s Day?

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So keep this in mind: this year, on Valentine’s Day, the best cowboy, rocker and biker gifts are waiting for you at Corbeto’s Boots.

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