Celebrate Internet Week with Corbeto’s discounts

Internet Week will begin from May 13th until 22th, and at Corbeto’s we would love to celebrate these days with all of you offering a global 10% discount in all our products at our online shop (sales not included).

If you still didn’t experience or had the chance of placing an order at Corbeto’s Boots online store, now it’s the perfect time to check out our virtual shop, and not just to get a nice price reduction. At Corbeto’s we trust for many years in all technological resources at the same time we provide our customers the best western, rocker and biker boots and attire from more than 70 years.

We love to make things easier to you, beloved customer, and to remove all possible barriers, and the almighty World Wide Web helps us every day with this. It is no wonder that UN, back in 2005, marked a day in recognizition of Internet and all emerging technologies, remembering us how important they are for our social and personal development.

The main effort was made in a cojoin between the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Spanish Internet User Association (Asociación de Usuarios de Internet – AUI). In the last 15 years, what it started being the Internet Day celebration on May 17th has become in a lot a chaining events that lead us to the Internet Week.


A cowboy, rockabilly & biker cyberweek

With this ‘cyberweek’ all ecommerces want to foster up the benefits and uses of embracing a more digitalized culture and bring everyone the opportunities for a better life that new technologies offer to us through all planet corners. At Corbeto’s we’re joining with this initiative for many years, and you will be our special guest taking the opportunity of buy Corbeto’s Boots products, this time with a 10% off in all online items! Western clothes, cowboy boots, leather belts, biker vests, country style t-shirts, leather boot straps, wallets, and many more!

One more time, from May 13 to 22th, Corbeto’s online shop is the easiest way to find and get the best western, biker and rocker outfits. Or maybe to finally get in the latest western fashion trends planned for next 2022 spring/summer season. And why not instead getting a great cowboy hat along with a wonderful pair of western boots to walk in your line dance classes or festivals. Also you can buy on behalf of another person, maybe that special one that is a cowboy style fan, knowing already the broad and exclusive catalog of western, horse riding and rockabilly articles available at Corbeto’s.



All garments and footwear available at Corbeto’s Boots have been designed and made to wear them during a long time, keeping their initial qualities and good-looking. This is absolutely one of the best advantages of western wear: beyond the newest trends in the fashion industry, all these clothes and accessories are timeless and matches so well with other styles outside cowboy & country. For us, the true western look is not related to new arrivals or collaborations, they’re just products made to wear them at all times in the way you like them the most.


What do you prefer? Clothes, boots or accessories?

Some people have a weakness for western shirts, but also we can find some cowboy boots and shoes collectors, or even ‘addicted’ people who need to have many belts, buckles and hats. And you, which is your preferred garment or accessory that should be in your wardrobe?

If you love leather footwear, and specially boots, you arrived in the right place and moment, because only during Internet Week you can buy your ankle boots and western boots, camperos boots, biker boots, Red Wing Shoes, Engineer boots, Blundstone and cowboy shoes with an immediate 10% discount applied.



Are you looking maybe for a western or rockabilly shirt or blouse? At Corbeto’s you will find plenty of models from the best cowboy clothing brands worldwide as Camisas Ranger’s and Stars & Stripes. We also have leather biker waistcoats, fringed leather jackets

What about western accessories? Check out our cowboy hats and leather hat bands, cotton bandannas, belts, buckles, wallets, collar tips, bolo ties and rocker ties, work gloves, biker and western caps, boot accessories, rings and earrings, handmade western replica weapons… All of these and many other new products directly made and imported from the United States and Mexico will be available soon at Corbeto’s Boots online store, where the relevance of western, country, biker and rockabilly culture is huge.



We promise this is the last time we will repeat you can get any of our products with a special 10% off from May 13th to 22th, but we hope before arriving to the end of this blog article you’ll directly switch to our online shop to celebrate with us this awesome Internet Week.

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