Western belts: quality and style

Using of belt is dated so back on the history that is difficult to determine when started to be worn, but what is sure is that it’s being used since remote times. Since then and until now, the belt has a fundamental space among the called fashion accessories, those indispensable pieces for a perfect attire. Hence the extensive variety of belts: from choosing the most appropriate one will depend the success of our look. 

Belt’s variety is so large that there’s always an appropriate belt for each style or situation: as accessory, its influence is so important that we could say belts have life. With respect to the western style belts for woman and man, they are so multipurpose that are essential part of any wardrobe, being difficult settle for only one. 

You will better understand if you take a look to the country dance belts you can find at our online shop: genuine leather from the most emblematic brands that stand out by their quality and handcraft. Let’s know them a bit more.

An accessory with its own life called belt

As we said, the leather belts are a very important pieced for men’s and women’s fashion. Their influence in the style is so big that define the silhouette and the whole look by themselves. So, when choosing a belt it’s worth making a wise choice and of course, it has to be good quality, like all the ones that will find at Corbeto’s

The variety is also another important element, and at our store will find men’s and women’s cowboy belts made of genuine cow leather and snake skin. Some styles are plain, but most of them stand out by their beautiful embossed relief, charro and American motives, floral tooled, metal conchos, hide braids or genuine horse hair.

If your preferred style is the cowboy, then you know you can’t get out of home without a western belt that defines your own and personal esthetic. But, although your style might not essentially be country, will realize that our western belts look and match great with everything: jeans, chinos, skirts or dress. 

The brands have also much to do when choosing a good western belt. One of them is Sendra Boots, brand especially famous by the quality and design of its boots, but also by its belts. They are handcrafted in Spain with excelent quality cow leathers and other exotic skins that let us match the belt with the same leathers as our cowboy boots. At Corbeto’s will find a large catalog of Sendra Boots men and women belts for which , we warn you, will be difficult to avoid the temptation.

Sendra belt charisma is undeniable, but if you like the american brands, we suggest you the Nocona belts and the Ariat ones.  Both brands are also famous by their cowboy boots, but their western belts are not falling behind: of a genuine western style, they offer simple designs for the casual wear and very elaborated belts that burst spectacularity and elegance. 

Buckles: belt’s heart

If a belt is capable to define a look, a buckle is what defines the belt. And another advantage of the western belts is that many of them, at least most part of the ones we have at Corbeto’s, have removable buckle. This means that a same belt will let you get every day a different look if want it so, only changing the buckle. It works very easy, since these belts feature snap-on buttons, letting you change your buckle quickly and with ease.

As you can imagine, at our online shop will also find a large catalog of belt buckles that will make it difficult to choose only one, because there are designs so irresistible like the ones from Sendra or Nocona, or the Mexicans from Crumrine Silversmiths , among others. But don’t worry: the answer is having more than one buckle, as your western belt will let you change it easily, something not possible with other belts.

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Cinturón moda cowboy Sendra piel de pitón amarillento

Corbeto's Boots

Cinturón Nocona con grabado western americano cuero marrón oscuro

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Cinturón Nocona cuero negro hebilla tres piezas estilo Ranger

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Cinturón moda cowgirl cuero coñac hebilla grande decorada con turquesas

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