The advantages of wearing a hat in winter

Wearing a hat means much more than a matter of lifestyle: in winter could be an important accessory to keep you warm and protect yourself from the cold. Your head is one of the body parts with a higher heat loss, so having a hat may help with the body warmth retention and also prevent you from hypothermia.

Besides from this, a good hat will protect your hair and face skin from the elements, like rain, wind or snow. Hats also work really well fighting back sunlight exposure also in cloudy and snowy days, as in fact there is a high UV rate in those days. Therefore, using a hat as your headwear during winter time might be very important to you if you’re going to stay part of the day outside or doing some outdoor works, as one of the best wats to keep you warm.

So, if you knew about cowboy hats just a short time ago because you became a country dance fan or you’re just amazed by how cool and personal is this headwear, this winter you’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear a western hat beyond your line dance classes or while riding your horse.


Why cowboy hats are a fashion trend right now?

The genuine western hats, just like the ones you will find at Corbeto’s Boots, have been an iconic symbol in American culture and fashion from a long time ago. The first cowboy hats can be found during the XIX century in the well-known Wild West era. In those days, cowboys already worked hard in the lowlands and mountains, and needed a hat that was hard enough to resist their work condition but also functional.

At first, those hats were considered just as a work attire, but slowly they gained some notoriety and a big symbolism inside popular culture and fashion in the United States, being an icon of the brave and independent spirit who belongs to cowboys and the American West.

Regarding into fashion, cowboy hats have been considered as a versatile accessory that could be wear often to give you a stylish and personal touch to your look. In the last years, cowboy hats are again being so popular, especially in the urban and streetwear fashion.

There are many reasons to think how western hats are so in the current fashion industry. At first, they have an iconic and distinctive aesthetic that is timeless and can adapt in an easy way to almost all existing styles and trends. Also, cowboy hats can be matches and lots of classic and modern garments, and are considered as the true expression of a unique style who help people to improve their self-esteem achieving a very personal look.

Summarizing, western hats are in vogue due to its iconic and distinctive look and also for all the occassions you can wear this cowboy headwear item, paying homage to USA’s history and culture. With an astonishing visual presence and easily recognizable, cowboy hats, as well as with same style boots and shirts, are one of the best examples of Western style clothes, so they won’t run out of style.


From which material are cowboy hats made

Traditional cowboy hats are made with wool felt, a long-lasting and strong material made to wear outdoors, as it resists humidity and wear & tear. Added to the previous features, wool felt is also a light material that can be comfortably wear during a long period of time every day.

The manufacturing process of a classic western hat begins with the triage of a high-quality wool, which is rinsed and teased before being binded with a hot water and soap solution that creates felt, being shaped when still wet and after this, left the product dry in the open.

Modern cowboy hats can be made with other materials such as natural straw or canvas, but wool felt is still the most employed material. Also, some western hats have decorative accessories as studs, silver appliques, embroideries, embedded stones or catchy leather bands, improving this way their style.

After this interesting explanation, continue browsing at Corbeto’s online western catalog all our men and women cowboy hats, we’re quite sure you’ll find your perfect model to wear this winter, but also for the rest of the year!

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