Western fashion in summer: five basics for your looks

Do you love summer as much as western fashion? It’s celebration time, as from a few years ago, cowboy trend outfits are getting a wider impact also during summertime.

You don’t need anymore to wait until fall season to wear again your cowboy boots, western hat and other country style garments and accessories, as many influencers and celebrities told us in the clearest possible way that western fashion doesn’t rule by a calendar. We can see more often on the streets different summer outfit styles where cowboy fashion basics are included.

Also summer is the best time of the year where, concurring with country music fests, it’s almost mandatory to keep a look at our special western outfits, or summer meetings at honky tonks, being sure you will enjoy some of them while in holidays. There could a reason to have your western look ready, but maybe you don’t need ‘an excuse’, because you wear with pleasure those cowboy basic clothes in summer, as it’s the style you feel more identified with: your personal touch.

From Corbeto’s we’re going to place our bets in this article to show you how cowboy fashion is unstoppable even with the warmest weather or other trends that could be pushing up this summer, but probably did you know already, right?


Country style shirts: long sleeves are for summer

There is a common mistake that some people is starting to understand: thinking that long sleeves are not made for summer weather. But for shirts, if they’re made with cotton or another perspirable fabric, it would be the opposite. Many fashion experts agree from a long time ago that it is advisable to rather wear a long-sleeved shirt, even with the sleeves up, than a short-sleeved one.

In fact, an unwritten rule in western culture says that a true cowboy shirt can only be a long sleeve one, but we understand rules are made also to be broken. For that reason, at Corbeto’s Boots cowboy & western shirt catalog for men and women you will find out different styles: from Camisas Ranger’s genuine long-sleeved cowboy shirts to more modern look short sleeve western shirts that will enhance your look as well: your priority should be in all cases that you feel comfortable with all western clothes.

In summer our suggestions would be to take a look at denim shirts and clothes in white, beige, light brown or red, although for a chill night, black cowboy shirts could be a nice idea.


Classic denim jeans: cotton works with everything

If there’s a single clothing that could be considered as the queen of basic clothes, of course we will name denim jeans first of all during all year. As denim trousers are mainly made with cotton, this is a key point to the garment success over the time, being very comfortable and highly matching with all clothes. Nowadays technology is also implemented on current jeans, as they’re more elastic and perspirable, helping you to have a better ease of movement.

In addition, if we’re looking to find the best jeans to fit with your cowboy boots or ankle boots, Corbeto’s Boots now have special denim jeans for boots available from top quality brands such as J. L. Fox or Lois Jeans

Our cowboy style denim jeans have a pattern construction made to have a gentle and flexible grip in the waist and thighs, and the bootcut end will help you to wear all kind of western boots, biker boots or work boots without noticing the leg looks bulky.



Cowboy boots & western ankle boots

Did you know that cowboy boots & ankle boots are one of the biggest competitors against sandals in summer? Just take a look at a few random outfits from the best influencers and celebrities if you still don’t believe that: they’re wearing boots with shorts, trousers, short & long dresses, maxi & mini skirts… Matching a casual summer outfit with a pair of cowboy boots will help you to keep away from conventional looks and create your own style just by adding this footwear in your daily basis.

Of course, we can’t forget the wholehearted cowboy boots fans that will wear them at all seasons, not paying any attention at the social networks at all, because they just think about how they love their own style and want to be identified like that, without labels or any kind of exclusion. With such a strong personality, temperatura will never be an issue.

Nonetheless, don’t forget you will find at Corbeto’s a huge catalog of cowboy boots and ankle boots: we’re pretty sure the boots you need this summer are still waiting for you.


Western leather belts: the importance of small details

With an example will explain much better our point: just look yourself in front of a mirror with your daily outfit, first with your belt on and later without it. You will notice an extreme difference and believe about the impact of this accessory. So now, imagine yourself with a new cowboy belt or just replacing your regular buckle with a western belt buckle… Your look will drastically change for better.

A good belt deserve a lot of importance in all your outfits, and in summer you can’t just get rid of it, as cowboy belts are a basic cowboy accessory. Why do we think that? Western belts are an iconic clothing for cowboys, to wear jeans with style and to enhance their look with some basic or stunning belt buckles, that will keep you away from cold months’ austerity.

At Corbeto’s Boots you will find a great quality western belt selection that you will love to check out and wear, from international and local brands such as Sendra Boots, Original Belts, Nocona Belts or Ariat. Also all our belts have a snap-on button system to easily swap all your buckles in a few seconds and almost wear a new cowboy belt every single time.


Cowboy hats: a high dose on style & shade

A western hat is therefore another success for the summer. They look great, will help you a lot with the warmest & sunny days, are stylish… A cowboy hat is always giving you a fancy look and, of course, they will be one of the best and most fashionable shields against the sun for both your daily urban adventures and the best natural landscapes for your leisure time: beach trips, the countryside, while visiting another city or country, in every line dance festival or in your country dance sessions…

If you still haven’t your cowboy hat, you will find a desirable model at Corbeto’s: one of the few specialized Texan and western hats stores in Spain and Europe, all of them made or imported from the USA and Mexico. At our broad western hat catalog you may find natural straw hats and other models with beautiful leather hat bands and other amazing stitchings & appliqués. But better than typing this, the best you can do right now is to check out our online store and get into our cowboy hats section: you’re just a step away of finding your hat and get this summer all five western clothing basics.


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Camisa básica estilo vaquero para hombre Ranger's color blanco

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Camisa negra con bordado dorado Ranger's para mujer manga corta

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