Cowboy gifts to hit this Christmas

One of the best times during the year is coming, Christmas time is here! A crucial moment arrives: Christmas shopping! And although you are one of those who enjoy giving presents as much as you do when receiving them, it’s possible that you aren’t still sure about what to give, nor what to “insinuate” to receive as present. 

We are conscious that sometimes choosing the perfect gift can be a dilemma. That’s why at Corbeto’s we love to continue encouraging Christmas spirit with everything that contributes to the excitement, up to the point that we have ready a selection of footwear and western accessories perfect to give this Christmas… 

So, checking out our online shop, just at one click, you will have your Christmas presents just on time, and without leaving your home!


The perfect cowboy boots

They not only don’t get out of fashion, but since some seasons ago, the cowboy boots are one of stylists and influencers favorite trends. This kind of footwear was created in America’s southwest during the 19th century and if at first their main purpose was merely practical, from the 30’s and 40’s they became a fashion style. 

Hollywood from that time had a lot to with it, because the western movies starred by legendary actors like John Wayne or Gregory Peck, started to wear more modern cowboy boot styles, with exotic leathers and colorful versions. 

Nowadays, men and women cowboy boots are not only used for line dance or horse riding; if you are a western culture passionate, you can wear western boots on your daily life, whether you go working or for leisure.

If you want to give men and women western boots, at Corbeto’s Boots we have a large selection of cowboy boots hand made with leathers of the best quality, affordable prices and the most renowned brands: Sendra Boots, Mayura, Corral Boots, Circle G and Stars & Stripes Boots, among others. Don’t wait more to discover them.


Very important accessories: belts and buckles

An essential accessory in a wardrobe is the belt, whether you wear jeans or dress pants. It ‘s possible that you have worn any kind of belt so far, thinking only in its practical use, which is keeping our pants fastened. But the power of a good belt goes much further, because it has a decisive influence on our look, and choosing a quality leather belt from Corbeto’s Boots is a present’s excellent option. 

Our belts, from diverse designs for every occasion, are made with the finest cow and  goat leather, snake, lizard and crocodile skin, with inner reinforcements and double welt what make them more durable. Furthermore, as we do with our boots, for our belts we only trust in the most renowned brands in the market when talking about quality and design, like Sendra, Nocona Belts, Original Belts, or Ariat. 

If there’s something that characterize the western belts that will find at Corbeto ‘s is that you can remove and exchange their belt buckles. Usually engraved and very elaborated, shiny, matt or chrome and irresistible designs. So, at any time, if you want to change your buckle you can put another of standard width (4 centimeters- 40 millimeters), and with just one belt you can create as many combinations as different belt buckles you will find in our catalog.


Western and rockabilly shirts

Our cowboy and rocker shirts are known for their design, comfort and durability. They are a perfect and becoming complement for the wardrobe at any occasion. At Corbeto’s we offer you a great selection of  western and rockabilly shirts with different and genuine designs, to make easier finding the one that fits the best with each style and personality. If you are looking for a spectacular western or rockabilly shirt to show at any circumstance, in our catalog will find plenty of models and possibilities that you sure will love, from sober designs to the most daring ones.

And to complement a nice cowboy or rocker shirt, the western blazer is one of the best alternatives. It differentiates from the classic suit coat by its only cut on the tail, some embellishers, decorative pockets and above all by their cowboy style embroideries on the shoulders. Furthermore, it is a very practical piece of garment because you can wear it all year round. 

Hats and wallets

At Corbeto’s it’s been years since we are specialized in authentic men, women and children cowboy hats  imported from the United States, Mexico and South America. A cowboy hat is not just an accessory: is a purchase as useful as original, a must have if you love country music and line dance, western riding competitions or feel enthusiastic by the western culture and style. At our shop will find an incredible variety of western hats from all styles and different materials, but all of them unique: don’t settle for less. 

Wallets are also a good present choice, and there are two types: the classic leather wallet but with a western touch or the wallet chains, very trendy in recent years. 

if you are looking quality wallets, we feature in our catalog several models that won’t disappoint you, like the Sendra collection, completely made with genuine snake skin, fully lined with cow leather and handcrafted

And if you prefer a kind of wallet more popular among the bikers, rockers, heavies or metal-head, we recommend you one with a metal chain. In addition to reinforce the commented styles, the western wallets with chain and firmly fastened from your pants loops or directly from your belt, preventing that it falls from your pocket by accident. At Corbeto’s you can choose plain styles but also many with diverse engravings like eagles, horses, US and Confederate flags, biker skulls, and many more American inspired designs. 

Even so, it’s important to know that the options for the best western and cowboy presents don’t finish here and if you take a look right now to Corbeto’s Boots online shop will understand it: choose among the best of boots and ankle boots, boot cut denim jeans, leather vests, t-shirts, bandanas, caps, necklaces and bracelets, leather work gloves, western guns replicas… and much more. It’s impossible not to get the right present this Christmas!


Corbeto's Boots

Pulsera crin de caballo blanca trenzada con cuentas color turquesa

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Guantes ligeros de trabajo sin costuras piel vacuno marrón

Corbeto's Boots

Gorra western americana marrón Stars & Stripes con toro rodeo bordado

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Bota cowboy unisex Mayura combinación doble piel color marrón / coñac

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Sombrero western clásico fieltro marrón duro copa Pinch

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