How Christmas is celebrated at USA

Today we are going to explain you how the USA celebrates Christmas. Like in many other countries,  Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year.  In the US everything is on a large scale and Christmas couldn’t be less!

Surely you have seen hundreds of American Christmas movies and have an overall idea about how Christmas is celebrated in the US: decorative lights,  ginger bread,  huge pines with ornaments,  ice rinks, snowmen…

But,  do you really know how it’s celebrated?

When Christmas starts at USA

Christmas is one of year ‘s most important celebrations in the United States. Christmas season officially starts with a very special event: National Christmas Tree lights turn on to kick off Christmas time in the US. A symbol with more than 90 years of history.

The turning on is  followed by a great party with concerts and shows that welcome Christmas, ending on January 7th 2023.

Christmas Eve or Christmas?

In the US there isn’t a special celebration on December 24th like in Spain. Even so, shops stay open until midnight to let all families do the last minute’s Christmas shopping.

But, on December 25th a big family dinner takes place and the main course uses to be turkey, mashed potatoes and eggnog, the Christmas drink par excellence.


The most typical Christmas traditions in the US

As you well know, the United States is a country full of multiculturalism and because of this mix, there are many different ways to celebrate Christmas.

Many of them will sound familiar to you as they are similar in other countries. Here are some of them!

Christmas Stocking

The Christmas Stocking is one of US iconic signs during Christmas.

Each family member must hang his sock in the fireplace, writing his name and Santa Claus will bring sweets and little gifts that fit on the socks.

Christmas Tree

Traditionally, Christmas trees in the US are natural. Americans go to the Christmas Tree Farms to choose their favorite Christmas tree.

Synthetic trees are rarely seen at American ‘s homes, they usually are only found at public squares and offices. Additionally, one of Christmas most important traditions in the US is decorating the Christmas tree.

There is even a celebration called X-Mas Tree Party or Christmas Tree Party. During this celebration, families reunite to choose,  buy and decorate the tree with lights and ornaments of many styles and colors.


This is another of the most characteristic American Christmas elements. You have seen it in many Christmas movies and tv shows! It usually hangs from the home’s main door or the living room.

Furthermore, tradition tells that every time that two people meet under a mistletoe hanging on a door or or home’s entrance, they must kiss each other and take a mistletoe’s berry.


Ginger cookies and eggnog

Christmas at the United States also has a variety of culinary traditions. Eggnog and the traditional ginger cookies are two recipes that can’t be missing at any American home during Christmas holidays.

Ginger cookies are gingerbread sweets in diverse Christmas forms: stars, Christmas trees, snowmen, sticks, socks, Santa’s caps and many more!

Ugly Sweater Day

This tradition is quite modern since it comes from the 80’s and had an important boom at the beginning of the 2000’s.

The Ugly Sweater Day is a party where Christmas themed sweaters are worn, we can say they have a bizarre look that doesn’t get unseen.

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