We discover the true origin of Black Friday

Black Friday has become synonym of emotion and opportunity: millions of people around the world wait for it to get the dreamt products at the best price. In fact, Black Friday represents for many consumers their favourite discount days of the year, because are the perfect chance to shop Christmas presents, that is so close. 

But in this article, we want to go a bit further, because Black Friday, as many other calendar’ special dates, has an historical origin that not everybody knows. Let’ see what is it and how has evolved until our days.



Some theories about Black Friday origins

Surely you have asked yourself about this special shopping date’s name: Black Friday. It is said that the expression was born for first time on Friday September 24th 1869, day when two Wall Street stockbrokers wanted to take control of gold market joining to Boss Tweed, a back then famous New Yorker politician. They didn’t success, although they even turned to bribe influential personalities, like judges among others.

But as we said, the failure was spectacular, because gold’s price collapsed in minutes ruining many investors: for that reason this day was called: “Black Friday”.

Almost a century later, the expression “Black Friday” was used again referring to the day after Thanksgiving Day, at mid of 1950’s.  According to the Daily Telegraph, there was scheduled a football match between the US Army and US Navy the Saturday after the festivity. The day before, on Friday, the streets of Philadelphia collapsed because of the huge influx of football fans that arrived to the City of Brotherly Love to have some Christmas shopping time and attend to the match the next day.

It was such a chaos that all police corps available had to work in non-stop 12 hour shifts to control the immense crowd that was collapsing Philadelphia, and then the media renamed as “Black Friday”. On the other hand, city vendors, that had a huge revenue during this particular day, came up with this term to relate all the big multitude that went at the same time to Philly’s stores the day after Thanksgiving.

Still had to wait until the next decade to confirm the popular rising of Black Friday as a sales strategy, and in 1966 the magazine The American Philatelist talked again about the term “Black Friday”. Ten years later, The New York Times published an interesting article linking again as “Black Friday” to the consequences caused because of Thanksgiving’s sales that started the next day to this celebration, with several traffic jams in New York City. This article helped to recall Black Friday as a popular expression and it started to get popular, first in the United States, where all began, and later in many other anglophone countries.


What Black Friday means today

It’s a fact for everyone that Black Friday brings some of the most exciting shopping days during the year. All brands and shops make a big effort to advertise their biggest discounts in all kind of products a few weeks before Christmas, a claim which effectively works very well in many countries, to the point of starting like a single sale day and being extended to more days.

In the US, in 2003, Walmart and Sears offered discounts before Black Friday’s 5 a.m. in the morning. In 2011, Walmart wanted to extend the top deals period from 10 p.m. during Thanksgiving Day to the whole Black Friday. So, bit by bit, and primarily thanks to Internet, every Black Friday beats sales records.

Specifically in Spain, wasn’t until 2012 when the Black Friday reached out hand in hand from an international chain store and triumphed. Since then, more and more stores joined to this great discounts initiative, in many cases extending Black Friday to a whole week.

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