The importance of a good belt: harmony for your jean look

Belts are probably one of the most important accessories in your wardrobe. They can help you by creating a better harmony in your looks and make your jeans more elegant, but of course belts can be wore with many other clothes and not just trousers. Today’s article will focus on western belts: seemingly something simple but in fact an accessory that enhance the look of a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

As an essential part of a cowboy outfit, a good leather belt can be also a nice link between different styles or upgrade a basic outfit with plain clothes. Also it’s a way to make people get some attention to your waist and emphasize your figure. But now we’re going to know a little bit more about the origins of this powerful accessory, and how much can improve your attire.


The remote and mysterious origin of belts

Belts had been used back thousands of years and their origin is still unknown. There’s a strong common opinion that talks about Ancient Egypt as the first region where a strap of leather or other materials was employed to cinch and hold clothes, yet another groundswell of historians consider the invention can be ascribed to the Chinese dynasty Han, 3.000 years ago.

It’s really hard to determine which was the primitive idea that created this accessory, but many different sources can track its use during several previous centuries, and apparently women were the first in starting to wear belts to hold their clothes before the invention of buttons and zippers. Men didn’t start to get familiar with belts since the apparition and popularization of trousers. At that time, belt’s only functionality was just to tighten your pants enough.

After the Second World War, belts started to have their own style in fashion and seen on a regular basis, becoming a mandatory accessory in men’s outfits, along with the jeans or trousers, shirts, blazers and ties. Women also started again to wear modern belts sometimes, in other styles according to their clothes, usually they were wider or thinner belts in relation to men’s ones.

This trend is at the present time still keeping, and we want to focus on unisex western belts as one of the most suitable and versatile clothing accessories we may find. All leather cowboy belts will match with jeans and clothes that aren’t denim made: with chino pants made with different fabrics, with suits and dresses, skirts and even with shorts. This ease of combination helps you in order to wear the same kind of western belts in many situations: at our country line dance classes, while horse riding or otherwise as part of your office attire and for casual leisure daylight or night-time outfits.

The type of buckle you have attached in your belt could greatly modify the accessory and your whole look: that’s why at Corbeto’s Boots we only sell special leather belts to change belt buckles, thanks to the useful snap buttons. That means you will be able to add & swap any other standarized width buckle (4 cms. – 40 mms. – 1,5 inches) with a hitch shaped like a needle, hook or sphere that will get your buckle firmly bounded to the belt. With one or a few leather western belts you will easily create infinite combinations and mixes, it just depends on the number of buckles you have. Having a leather belt is the perfect wild card to dress as you like with the buckle style you love!


Belt buckles: something else than a belt accessory

A belt cannot be imagined without a buckle, but in fact we know buckles were used for the first time in the Ancient Greece and the classic Roman Empire, but not as a pants’ hanger or a belt clasp. Back to these times, buckles were employed to attach Roman soldiers’ helmets, shoes and other military clothes. Goldsmiths started also to elaborate richer designs with precious materials and stones, as genuine jewels, for the ruling classes in these regions.

Arriving to the XVI century and the rising of the British Empire along with the blooming marine industry and transportation, buckles were almost compulsory as part of the official commerce and naval uniforms. From that momento, the buckle design achieve a new concept, first as the most popular choice to have all clothes in the right place until the zipper innovation beginning the XX century, and then gained even a more popular view when belts became essential and more than a practical item: belt buckles could change all about the way you are perceived by others, just like now.



Belts, beside being an accessory we can’t imagine out of our lives, are a good way to show or brag about our personal style and having the perfect final touch without spending too much time or money, especially if being a cowboy belt. But why? Obviously, you can notice so many work in a western belt, with lots of hand-toolings and stitchings, leather braids, hand-painted figures, mosaics and shiny western conchos… All these details, including the premium leather quality of all our belts available at Corbeto’s selection, finally transform this accessory into a top-tier product that should be introduced in all kind of western outfits.

We invite you also to check our full cowboy belt buckle catalog: we have hundreds of traditional and particular buckles available for all western people, line dancers, horse riders, rockers and so on. And take note of this: do your online purchase from November 21 to 28th and get an instant Black Friday 15% discount. It’s the best chance to have the perfect leather cowboy you dreamt about belt at the best price!


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