Celebrities also make the cowboy hat fashionable

What started with a fall trend which some celebrities get very attached to, now has become a must for the warmest months: cowboy hats are starring some of this summer’s best street styles looks. Lady Gaga, Jennifer López, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo, the actress and model China Suárez, or Argentina’s ex First Lady, Juliana Awada, just to mention a few names, are holding up with the western hat trend under the hottest sun… or whatever you are!

Now the whole Far West aesthetic has its own place in the fashion industry, but sometimes it gets more visible, did you already notice that, right? From at least 3 or 4 years that cowboy & cowgirl style is still increasing its popularity and it seems that it’s so easy to reinvent western style to fit other trends.

First in line were cowboy boots, then was the time for fringe jackets and now western hats are overtaking all the fashion scene, from haute couture catwalks to the streets. Because it looks cool, keeps your head covered or both, this summer you will be by yourself the throne of the best cowboy hats. Today we’ll unravel all secrets about the success of cowboy hats as a global trend.



Cowboy hats: shade and style in equal proportion

We’re pretty sure you can have in mind at least one type of cowboy hat, but if you consider yourself as a western fashion newbie and you discovered this accessory, we can tell a western hat should have a high crown, what could be hardened or not, with a featured curled up wide brim. An advantage of this kind of hats is how easily you can reshape the brim at your own to find your own personal look.

Colors can go from black to off-white, with a big variety of brown and sand tones, but usually you might find western hats also in bright colors.

Materials employed for any western hat can determine if suits better for winter or summer season. For example, we could suggest a wool felt cowboy hat for the coldest and rainy days, but many people in the countryside sticks to these hats all year long. Also, line dancers use felt western hats during their classes and exhibitions.

And during the summertime, straw and canvas hats, lighter and fresher, will be great whether to protect from the sun as for getting the summery at celebrities’ level.


Fashion that also protects

The summer cowboy hats that will find at Corbeto’s are made with natural straw, and their colours range from white to toast straw, also in different cream tones or with an attractive distressed effect, as if you had worn it during a desert adventure.

Some of these hat’s crown has been microperforated to get a fretwork effect that ease the perspiration in the warmest days. In crown’s inner part they use to feature a cushioned band, that in addition to help absorbing the sweat, keeps the hat attached in a comfortable way: you won’t realize that have it on.

Some of these cowgirl hats, that despite their lightness are tough, also feature an eye-catching tooled leather or embroidered hat bands, or Native American decorations. To have an idea about how these cowboy hats are, the best is checking our online store, something that you can do right now if you feel like. 

Most of celebrities, in addition to their concern about the fashion we have to add watching for their health, and covering the head in summer is an advice from all dermatologist. Despite we use sun cream, what is really convenient, we have to apply it after very few hours because it loses effectiveness. But if in addition to sun cream you wear a fantastic cowboy hat, you will be doubly protected and will be doubly irresistible.

Your cowboy hat will filter sun rays to your skin, will protect your hair and will also work as “sunglasses”, preventing the light to blind you. Furthermore, if it’s a good hat, like the ones that will find at Corbeto’s, will help to reduce drying, because lessens head’s temperature about 8ºC. 

Do you still need more reasons to join this summer’s cowboy hat trend? Some fashions are intelligent and this is one of them: because apart from trends, there’s always space in the wardrobe for a western garment or accessory. And if in addition to style, turns out to bring comfort and protection in summer, what else can you ask for?



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